4 Darn Good Reasons to Visit Canada for at Least a Week

If Canada isn’t at the top of your list for your next vacation, it should be.

If Canada isn’t at the top of your list for your next vacation, it should be. Canada is full of beautiful places to visit and exciting events to attend. 

When you hold an American passport, you don’t need a visa to visit Canada. The only extra effort required on your part is to prepare for the unexpected and have a basic understanding of Canadian culture. 

Learning local etiquette is important no matter where you visit. Some countries have complicated social rules, but Canada’s customs are easier to learn. You won’t need to memorize complex rules about how to shake hands and bow. In Canada, you’ll be fine simply maintaining a courteous and nonconfrontational way of being.

Here are the top 4 reasons to make Canada your next vacation spot.

1. Beer festivals

Several Canadian breweries host week-long beer festivals every February. These beer festivals are great for both educated consumers and people who just love to try new brews. If you consider yourself a beer tourist or connoisseur, you’ll love attending these festivals.

If you’re a beer enthusiast who wants to know everything about each type of brew, you can ask the experts questions – they love chatting with interested consumers. 

Many beer festivals also offer educational sessions if you want to learn how to make a better brew at home.

2. Local festivals and celebrations

Sometimes the perfect vacation is getting steeped in a different culture by enjoying local festivals and celebrations.

One of the coolest local celebrations in Canada is Vancouver’s Celebration of Light. This celebration is actually a fireworks competition held over three summer nights. 

Since 1990, the Celebration of Light has been one of the world’s most recognized fireworks competitions, attracting top-notch pyrotechnicians, designers, and more than one million attendees.

For years, competitors have come from all over the world including China, the UK, and Brazil while spectators rush to English Bay Beach early in the day to lock in the best vantage point for the show. English Bay Beach also has the most food vendors and most importantly, restrooms.

This event is so cool that you may want to plan your vacation around this phenomenal light show.

There are plenty of other local festivals to check out including the Calgary Stampede, the Edmonton Folk Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, and more.

3. Skiing and surfing opportunities (in the same day!)

Can you imagine being able to surf and ski in the same day? It’s possible in several locations across the world including Southern California, Morocco, Chile, and surprisingly – British Columbia.

A nifty little place called Tofino on Vancouver Island is considered Canada’s surf capital. Another area of Vancouver Island is home to the Mt. Washington Alpine Ski Resort. Although it takes some careful planning, it’s possible to catch some waves in Tofino and then head up the 30-minute zig-zagging snowy road to Mt. Washington Alpine Resort for some skiing. That’s exactly what this British Columbia resident successfully accomplished.

If you’re going to try to surf and ski in the same day, plan on spending multiple days in Tofino before attempting your day of dual activities. There are far too many beautiful experiences to have in Tofino that you don’t want to rush. For example, there are bear and whale watching cruises and plenty of hiking trails to explore.

4. The Great Bear rainforest 

The Great Bear rainforest in British Columbia is the best reason to visit Canada, hands down. The Great Bear Rainforest is a preservation about the size of Ireland encompassing a fourth of the world’s coastal temperate rainforest. Accessible by boat or floatplane, this remote area is home to the elusive Kermode bear, which BC locals refer to as the “Spirit bear.” According to National Geographic, the Kermode bear is a white variant of the North American black bear.

While you’re looking for black bears with white fur, you’ll also spot eagles, sea otters, whales, and dolphins. You can head out on the water in a kayak, go fishing, or hike through ancient forests full of giant red cedars.

If you love nature, move Canada to the top of your vacation list

Between rainforests, festivals, and a good view of the Northern lights, Canada makes a fantastic destination for nature lovers. If you have a list of planned vacations, move Canada to the top of that list and experience the beauty of nature on a whole new level.

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