5 Visual SEO Strategies Proven To Boost Your Google Rankings

Today’s market is highly competitive. You can provide excellent customer service or create the most exciting content, but still be invisible on the Internet and have an unrecognized brand.

Today’s market is highly competitive. You can provide excellent customer service or create the most exciting content, but still be invisible on the Internet and have an unrecognized brand. 

As a modern entrepreneur, you need to turn your head 360 degrees and use every opportunity to grow your business. To become known and loved company, you need to improve your search rank so that whenever people google things related to your niche, they will be able to find your website.

That’s where you should apply effective SEO strategies. They will not only help you to appear on the first page of Google search, but they will also help you to increase traffic and engagement and boost the credibility of your company. 

In order to start your SEO journey for the first time, you need to check your ranking with daily Google position tracker. The data you get will help you to build a plan of action. 

There are a lot of SEO strategies that you can use in order to improve your ranking. Today, you should take a look at visual SEO strategies. As you can understand, the whole concept goes beyond adding some images into the copy on your website. Here is what you need to know about developing visual strategies to boost your Google ranking in a short time:

Share Infographics

An infographic on the website makes information easily understandable. It can include pie charts, tree diagrams, histograms, network diagrams, mind maps, and bar graphs.

You can post the original infographic on your website and encourage bloggers to share your infographics in order to get some backlinks. This strategy benefits both sides. Whenever you share exciting quality content such as infographics, you get a reference, while other websites get free content.

Create a Video Presentation

More and more people prefer watching videos rather than getting information from text. There is nothing to wonder; video is effective at inspiring users to take action and communicating a message.

According to statistics, companies spent more than 7 billion dollars on online video marketing in 2015.

In 2020, this budget is more likely to double. That’s why you should also consider posting videos on YouTube (the second-largest search engine, now owned by Google). 

Video content will attract new users and increase overall search rankings. YouTube can rank your videos, depending on a variety of factors. You should make sure there are a lot of views, positive comments and rankings, and a number of shares. 

To optimize your videos for search, consider implementing keyword labels that can help to identify your target audience and content primary focus. So, make sure to include metadata such as tags, titles, descriptions, and file names. 

Add Relevant Images

It has been proven that adding relevant images to the copy can help to rank on Google. According to a study conducted in 2018, people are more likely to finish reading the whole articles in case it is filled with interesting pictures.

Google hasn’t learned how to read images (yet). That’s why your image should contain the right alt-tags and keywords. This tactic will help users to find your images on Google with the help of using specific keywords. 

Add more Memes

If you want to make your brand more human and increase your site’s ranking at the same time, consider using more memes and gifs on the website. Who doesn’t like them? At this point, they are a huge part of pop culture. 

Also, they go viral pretty easily, and that’s exactly what your website needs at this point! Traffic and shares.

If you want to use a meme in your copy, make sure to learn where it comes from and what message it conveys. It will help you to avoid becoming one big ridiculous joke on the Internet one day.

Use visual Social Media Networks

Instagram and Pinterest are extremely popular all around the world these days. That’s why you should also consider posting your visual content there. To improve your google ranking, use imagines captions as title tags on your Instagram. Also, include relevant quality hashtags.

Another thing that you can do is to optimize your photos in order to attract new followers. You just need to use professional photo-editing apps that have tools such as cropping, colour correction, and lighting adjustments.

The Bottom Line 

There are a lot of SEO strategies you can use to improve your ranking on Google. Consider using visual strategies as well. To increase the site’s traffic and engagement, share your infographics, create video presentations, add more revenant images and memes to the copy.

Also, feel free to use visual social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest as a part of your SEO strategy. 

The main idea of visual SEO strategy is to create an exciting shareable content that can attract new people and help you to develop a memorable brand identity. 

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