5 Ways To Get Organic Traffic From Sources Other Than Google

When it comes to generating organic traffic, most people tend to focus solely on Google.

When it comes to generating organic traffic, most people tend to focus solely on Google. It’s understandable, considering that there’s no match for it if you compare the number of its users to anything else. However, it’s a mistake to keep only this one search engine in mind. Google is getting smarter every day, but it’s not perfect. Its algorithms change all the time and you never know what and when will hit you. You can rank in the top 10 on SERPs one day and go way down on the next. If you don’t want to suddenly lose all your traffic, it’s better to diversify your sources. So how you can get organic traffic from somewhere other than Google?

Other search engines

Bing or Yahoo may have much fewer users than Google, but it also means that the competition is not that strong. According to statistics, Bing and Yahoo have fewer random users; there is more of those who enter the web knowing exactly what they need and look for, therefore they are more likely to purchase your product or order your service. Some people say that if you rank well in Google, you will do well on Bing, but it’s not always the case. Their algorithms are very different. Also, Yahoo is powered by Bing, so here the rule applies – if you rank high on Bing, you will succeed on Yahoo as well. Bing is more traditional and tends to rank older and more experienced websites higher, while Google focus solely on trends, accuracy and popularity. Bing is not as smart as Google and you can use it to your advantage. Visit ProRankTracker.com to see how you can track the traffic you get and what you can do to improve your situation.

Video content

Vlogs are extremely popular these days and they let people truly engage with the content. Users are very often tired of reading and they prefer to watch and listen; it’s easier to focus on visuals and they tend to remember more if they hear it. What’s more, vlogs can be published on YouTube which has over 1 billion users right now – it’s quite an audience, right? So why shouldn’t you try reaching them? Don’t give up on writing but consider balancing the ways in which you deliver your content. You will create a whole new traffic stream, especially if you decide to promote your videos via press releases. People will be able to subscribe to your channel, they will get notifications every time you publish something and that will drive more traffic to your website.

Comments and discussions

It’s a good idea to engage with other users in comment sections on websites and blogs in your niche. But it doesn’t mean you should use irritating spammy techniques of squeezing in backlinks and repeating invitations; engaging with people will give you a chance to build up your reputation. Show yourself as an expert in your field – share meaningful opinions and helpful solutions, just like you should do it on your blog. High-quality comments will help you become an authority in the field and people will remember that – they will visit your page eagerly and they will keep you in mind in the future to come back to you or recommend you. 

It’s the same with forum discussions – be open, informative and relevant. Avoid linking your page in every exact-match keyword in the text or you will get caught. You can get banned if someone considers you as a spammer so make sure you actually participate in discussions and your comments are accurate. If you do it right, you can use links to significantly boost your traffic.

Any page with user-generated content

It’s not only about comments and blogs and discussions – there are many different websites that can become a great traffic source if used properly. For example, make use of all kinds of reviews pages on the web. These include such online giants as Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellowpages or BBB (Better Business Bureau). Relevant and helpful reviews can assist you in building your reputation, too. The more trustworthy and authoritative you get, the more traffic you will receive from these pages’ users.

Email lists

Don’t force anything on anyone but with a strong list of loyal subscribers, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website simply by notifying them whenever you publish a piece of new content. Newsletter subscribe button or a Youtube channel are among some of the best ways to gain yourself an audience. You don’t have to be another annoying spammer if you learn everything there is about email marketing.

Google will continue to change and there’s nothing you can do about it, but you definitely can do something about your traffic sources. Just like in life, you shouldn’t rely on only one thing in the digital world as well. Find the best ways for your business to generate traffic and, most importantly, remember that you’re trying to reach other human beings. They are just like you. Sometimes it’s enough to think what you would like to find and what would annoy you during your searches. Provide people with what they need and you will do splendidly.

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