Summer Walker Deletes Instagram Account Due to Backlash Over Her ‘Racist’ Coronavirus Post

Having left various platforms multiple times since her breakout success last year, Summer Walker has a complicated and well-documented history with social media. The intense backlash after a coronavirus video she posted that was deemed racist by several of her followers made her decide to take another break.

Last year may have garnered Summer Walker her biggest commercial success as an artist, but it was also filled with endless personal struggles that have carried over into 2020. As the world is currently dealing with the deadly coronavirus outbreak, there is no denying that many are panicking and hastily placing blame where they can find it.

She recently posted a video to Instagram that allegedly shows Chinese residents intentionally spreading the coronavirus—or so she thought. Summer didn’t back down even when her followers informed her that the video she posted was old and before the outbreak, writing “That’s some trifling nasty a** s**t.

She didn’t stop there and added this: “Lol people so dumb, talking about I’m racist and that video was from a long time ago. It don’t matter if it was from 20 years ago, bottom line that s**t nasty & IDGAF if a black white yellow or green person did that s**t, it’s still nasty. Lmao I literally don’t give a f**k anymore this is app. It’s not that serious. For my label Ima just delete all this s**t.”

Summer kept to her word and deleted her entire Instagram following the backlash.

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