How to Get Over a Broken Heart?

Having a bad breakup might throw you into a pit of despair.

Having a bad breakup might throw you into a pit of despair. Life is not like the movies and getting over a breakup is not as easy as putting on your pajamas, having a bowl of ice-cream, and watching a sad movie. In real life, heartbreak can make you ignore your friend, neglect your work, and not take care of yourself. 

Research has shown that love is a form of addiction and we get addicted to the person. During the withdrawal, we tend to get desperate and thus, act out of character. This is just like the behavior of drug addicts. 

If you are suffering from a heartbreak and want to get over it, here are some tips that you need to follow. 

In case your partner initiated the break, you might start picking apart your personal traits and physical appearance. You will then have to try and rebuild your self-esteem, which won’t be easy. You tend to question what you lack that made the person fall out of love with you. However, you should concentrate on what are the things that you value in yourself and how you made the relationship better instead of focusing on the things that you do not have. 

You can prepare the list that speaks about your personality traits, abilities, skills, and emotional strengths. If you are finding it difficult to come up with an idea, you should talk to your friends or family and ask them why they feel lucky to have you. 

Many experts tell people to travel when they are getting over heartbreak. Travelling will take you to new exotic places, make you meet new people, and experience different things. When you travel, you tend to forget how you are feeling out of the sheer excitement of travelling. 

India, a multicultural land with historical reference monuments, delicious food and passionate people is one of the most recommended destinations to get over a breakup. Moreover, whatever your plan, there are call girls in Mumbai capable of making your mind absolutely stress free. Remember, your ultimate goal is to break the routine you had and get away from the places you used to go with your ex.

Getting with someone else serves as a quick fix as it makes you feel worthwhile and sexy. However, this is going to be temporary, so our recommendation is to avoid rebound relationships and stay away from dating for a while. When it wears off, you are not going to feel any guilt. Experts say that a majority of the clients feel remorse after a rebound as their investment had been superficial. If you make an impulsive decision such as jumping into a relationship, it implies you are trying to avoid feeling sad about the break-up. You should acknowledge how you feel and deal with it. 

If you have a load of mutual friends, unfollowing your ex is not going to solve your problem of deleting your social media presence. In such a case, it is OK sometimes to take a break from social media overall. Sure, this doesn’t mean that the urge is going to go away. But a break from social media is going to help you think clearly and will make you forget your ex quicker.

After a breakup, you should hold on to things which will help you to feel grounded. Keep on with the activities that you like attending.

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