Artificial Intelligence Offers Exciting Career Opportunities

Technology careers have gotten a lot of hype in recent years, but the field is constantly growing and evolving.

Technology careers have gotten a lot of hype in recent years, but the field is constantly growing and evolving. What path should you choose then, in your search for career success? Looking ahead, artificial intelligence promises to see substantial career growth, with opportunities for education and advancement. If you’re looking to start a career in tech, this is where you should focus your training and job applications.

The Growth Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence underpins some of our most important and disruptive technology today, from your Amazon suggestions to healthcare and financial decision-making, so it’s no surprise that the field is expanding. In fact, according to a report by Gartner, artificial intelligence is expected to generate $3.9 billion in business value by 2022. Its growth has been particularly explosive since artificial intelligence provides value across three different business areas: cost reductions, new revenue sources, and improved customer experience.

It’s not just revenue that’s powered by artificial intelligence these days, though. According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, artificial intelligence specialist represents one of the fastest-growing roles. The field has seen huge leaps in hiring, and demand is outpacing supply.

Honing Your Skills

To get hired in the quickly growing artificial intelligence field, you’ll need the skills to stand out, and so the first step you should take is to learn more about artificial intelligence. You can do this by taking online classes targeted to those interested in entering the field. Different courses approach the topic differently, but for those interested in working on the managerial or business side of the field, a strong program will look at the implications of using artificial intelligence in business settings, while also providing an understanding of the technology itself.

Of course, if you want to be the person who builds artificial intelligence systems, you’ll need a different set of skills. Top artificial intelligence job applicants excel in math, including specialized fields like calculus and Bayesian algorithms, understand computer programming and data structures, and are versed in language processing and cognitive learning theories. It’s typically helpful to know a range of programming languages and to experiment with various programs, like MySQL and Map-Reduce. The more tools you’re familiar with, the more attractive of an applicant you’ll be.

What’s Ahead For Artificial Intelligence Careers

As the demand for artificial intelligence professionals grows, people are responding. The majority of computing PhDs are taking careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and online learning platforms have seen enrollment growth in courses related to the topic. But this isn’t just about general job opportunities. Artificial intelligence jobs are also high paying, with median salaries over $100,000. It’s a profitable field, and one with roles in a wide variety of industries, meaning it’s possible to pursue an artificial intelligence career in everything from ecommerce to medicine and manufacturing. Whatever your passion, there’s likely demand for artificial intelligence specialists.

It’s not always easy to transition into the artificial intelligence field – you need the right skills and preparation – but opportunities abound. If you’re open to expanding your knowledge base, though, and working hard, you can find success in this industry.

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