Coronavirus Brings Coachella at Risk of Being Cancelled

Coachella is at risk as the spread of the Coronavirus is forcing many artists and festivals to cancel and postpone shows.

Many are creating petitions for both the cancellation and against the cancellation on sites such as One petition already has 4,000 signatures as of March 6.

“As a highly inclusive community, we are responsible to protect each and every community member, which include the ones who are elderly, fragile, or the ones who suffers from chronic diseases, cancer, immune system diseases and other form of disabilities,” wrote Stella Young, who initiated the petition. “The lives of these people should not be down-played and we shouldn’t risk their lives since they have a higher chance catching COVID-19 and develop critical situations that need to be hospitalized.”

125,000 fans are expected daily for each of its two weekends Coachella scheduled to take place over two weekends April 10-19. Most other countries have banned public gatherings of a 1000.

However, AEG has not made any comment on canceling or postponing the sold-out festival.

As we reported, SXSW was forced to cancel their festival for the first time in 34 years, as was Ultra Festival in Miami, and stars like Madonna and Mariah Carey have also been forced to cancel shows!

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