Google’s expansion means that Canada’s tech industry is Booming in 2020

Google, the global technology giant, has announced its expansion in Canada this 2020.

Google, the global technology giant, has announced its expansion in Canada this 2020. When a company of such clout and influence makes a monumental move outside of San Francisco, it speaks volumes about the capacity of the country where the expansion is happening. 

The company is also placing its money on training the right people for them to have enough workforce to fill the jobs required by the expansion. Ruth Porat, Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, says investing in skills development will allow them to grow from 1,500 to 5,000 employees by 2022.

Canada is an attractive place for tech-giants

In the last decade, Canada became an attractive place for tech-giants. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Huawei expand their presence in Toronto and Ontario. The biggest cities of Canada attract the interest of companies because of past decisions. First of all, the country’s government is very helpful. The liberal party won the election in 2015 and since then, everything changed. Trudeau’s Liberal party believes in tech as a whole. The leader party of the country wants to make Canada the leading wheel of the global digital economy.

Google and Microsoft are interested in Canada because of the government’s decisions. The first big decision was to give the green light to the digital gaming space. Since 2011, the contribution of digital gaming companies to the economy increased from 5 to 15 billion dollars. Because of the liberal approach, gaming companies created thousands of jobs. In most countries, gaming companies are limited to a particular niche, for example, poker, roulette or slots. Canada allows local online gaming companies to offer all types of games. That decision was the game-changer as players have all the games in one place. Gamers have the chance to play slots with real money, roulette and video poker. That kind of freedom and a wide range of choices give Canadian casinos a big boost in a worldwide market. The government’s small decisions resulted in a big economic contribution after the years. Canada’s government makes decision depending on a long-term financial plan. Google and other tech giants have the same attitude.

Is Canada’s tech industry sustainable?

Canada’s tech industry, specifically in Toronto, has one of the rapidly growing job markets in the country. Over the last several years, with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau leading the nation’s growth, Canada has become a more attractive location for tech companies looking to expand their operations. The burgeoning tech industry may also be due to the diversity, inclusivity, clear-cut immigration policies, and stability of the Canadian Government and economy.

An environment that is anchored on the needs of the people, planet, and economy points to the creation of sustainable industries. The steady flow of jobs and tech workers creates a cycle that impacts the community, the economy, transportation, real estate pricing, infrastructure, culture, tourism, and many other aspects. 

And with Google’s upcoming expansion to Canada, more value will be added to Canada’s tech industry, deeming it more sustainable than ever.

 Why Google is Tripling the Workforce in Canada

Google’s expansion to Canada stems from its interest in a proposal by Sidewalk Labs to build a smart city in Toronto, and possibly an additional office for the tech giant in the said location. In addition, Google’s expansion may also be anchored on the fact that Canada’s tech scene is currently experiencing a boom.

According to Alex Norman, Vice-President of Tech Toronto, Canada has done something right in establishing an environment where outsiders are interested in building their brand and accessing the talent the country has to offer.

In line with news of the major expansion, the tech company also revealed that the growth of their offices would give rise to three new buildings in Montreal, Toronto, and Kitchener and Waterloo.

Canada is Looking for More Talents in Foreign Countries

Google’s move can only mean more jobs and opportunities in Canada. The most in-demand tech professions in the country are: IT Project Manager, IT Business Analyst, Network Administrator, Developer or Programmer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Technical Support Specialist, and Data Analyst.

Canada’s diverse and inclusive environment creates a space that can support and nourish talent from foreign countries. Those interested in working in Canada as a tech professional need not worry about obtaining a work permit as it is quite easy to get. More importantly, Canadian work permit holders are eligible to gain permanent resident status in just a year, as long as all requirements are met. Canada is quite an attractive country to immigrate to for those looking to reap the benefits of its current tech boom.

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