11 Best Places to Buy Sneakers and Shoes Online

If you’re looking to get your shoe game up to par, online is the way to go. Here are the 11 best places to buy sneakers and shoes online.

Sneaker lovers aren’t afraid of a high price tag. The Nike ‘Waffle Shoe’ made history in 2019 after selling for a whopping $475,000 at auction

But you don’t have to prove your love of sneakers by spending your life savings on a single pair. Take a look at this list of the 11 best places to buy sneakers online at competitive prices. 

1. Amazon

The reason Amazon dominates when it comes to e-commerce is that they offer the best shipping and product variety. Shoes on Amazon aren’t limited to the most current line. 

You can find styles from past years from a variety of sellers. To avoid the possibility of knockoffs, aim to purchase name brands directly from the brand itself as Amazon isn’t known for regulating counterfeit products very well. 

2. Feature

Feature started out as a sneaker boutique on the Las Vegas strip almost a decade ago. The brand has expanded to include e-commerce with sports apparel and limited-edition footwear from the top sneaker brands.

Their high-end apparel brands include Comme des Garcons and Off White, both well known on the runway. If you’re looking to build a one-of-a-kind footwear collection, Feature is one of the top options to buy your next pair of shoes. 

3. Kickscrew

Based in Hong Kong, the Kickscrew brand offers authentic Air Jordan Yeezy from the U.S. to the Asia-Pacific. Few retailers offer a variety of Air Jordans on Kickscrew.

Check back weekly for new releases and available discounts or popular editions to add to your collection. 

4. Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter is a high fashion website featuring runway brands for the well-heeled shopper. Top shoe brands include Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga.

Choose from an assortment of jewel-encrusted shoes with metallic leather for the ultimate statement footwear. The clearance section offers a great selection for shoppers looking for designer shoes at a discount. 

5. eBay

One of the major benefits of buying sneakers on eBay is getting access to rare editions from years past. eBay sellers looking to unload their shoe collection have some of the most sought after brands available for sale.

Auctions, however, offer no guarantees. You must do your own research to make sure the sneakers you’re buying are authentic buy checking seller reviews.

If the shoes are a hot item, the bidding process can get quite competitive which can drive up the price. eBay has evolved to offer a stronger return policy than in its early days.

Some products can be returned for a full refund as long as the transaction meets certain requirements. 

6. Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is the men’s only version of Net-A-Porter. Here you’ll find the top designer brands inclusive of a blog featuring the top trending products. 

Featured brands range from Gucci to Off-White with a fashionable assortment of neon and snake print sneakers. Mr. Porter is a great choice for fashion newbies because each pair of shoes comes with a recommended outfit right down to the style of your phone case and hat.

7. Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market is the place to go for the Comme de Garcon Play line. This retailer is one of the most reputable shoe stores online catering to sneaker lovers around the world.

For its 10th anniversary, Dover Street Market famously partnered with some of the leading shoe brands to mark the occasion. Dover Street Market was started by one of the Founders of Comme de Garcon and his wife. 

8. Ssense

If you’re looking to be a part of a fashion movement, Ssense is one of the best places to buy sneakers online. The website reads more like a fashion publication than a place to buy some of the top sneaker brands available.

Ssense is the recommended shopping destination for consumers who want information about shopping for sneakers as much as they want the sneakers themselves. Shoe brands range from Nike to Versace on this versatile fashion website. 

9. Rooted

The South isn’t usually a top destination for high fashion, but Rooted, a limited-edition footwear boutique in Nashville, TN aims to change that fact. The Rooted website features vintage Nike and Converse styles ranging from the 77′ Blazer to Chuck 70.

Stay updated with the Rooted blog featuring the top new releases in the online store each season. 

10. End

End is an international online boutique for men featuring established and new designers. Though the retailer claims to be luxury, there are prices ranging from low to high with brands like Puma x Def Jam and Adidas Superstar included in the mix.

Shop by style, color or brand on this robust shoe catalog offering more than 400 brands. 

11. Bodega

Bodega doesn’t forget about the little guy with affordable shoe options from some of the leading sneaker brands. The online shoe store offers shoes both for men, women, and children in popular styles.

Choose from brands ranging from Saucony to Air Jordans on this mid-priced shoe website. The online store launched in 2006 as a counter-culture option for sneaker lovers looking for an authentic experience. 

If you’re in the Los Angeles or Boston areas, you can visit featured shoes in person at the Bodega brick and mortar locations. 

Best Places to Buy Sneakers

The best places to buy sneakers online aren’t always the cheapest. But if you want authentic, limited-edition sneakers you’ll find a wide range of options on some of the leading online retailers for men. 

Sign up for alerts with each brand to save money during flash sales or to take advantage of promo codes for free shipping. Shopping out of season will bring the best bargains if you aren’t particular about having the latest gear.

For more information and fashion tips, check our blog for updates.  

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