Five Fashion Tips for Those Who Are Recovering From an Injury

Dressing to look your best can be nearly impossible if you’re dealing with an injury that causes you to rethink your wardrobe.

Fashion is a finicky thing. It can be difficult to look and feel put together during the best of times. Dressing to look your best can be nearly impossible if you’re dealing with an injury that causes you to rethink your wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a personal injury attorney on a car accident claim or you broke your arm at home playing with the kids, there are things you can do to ensure you still look like you put a little effort into your appearance.

Shorts and Short-Sleeves Are Perfect When Wearing Casts

Styling a broken arm or a broken leg isn’t easy because there really isn’t anything you can do to hide the fact that you’re wearing a cast. Instead, you have to find a way to live with it. The easiest way to accommodate a cast is to wear short sleeves, if you broke your arm, or shorts if you have a broken leg. A skirt or a dress can be a great way to hide a leg cast.

If the weather is a little too chilly to get away with wearing a crisp white T-shirt, consider layering your look with a stretchy cardigan or a cable knit sweater. Leggings can be a great way to cover your legs because they are stretchy enough to be pulled over your cast.

Think Stretchy When You Have a Back Injury

A back injury is something you can hide. Most people won’t know you’re dealing with a spinal issue unless you tell them. However, it can still limit your outfit choices because getting dressed in your favorite clothing can be difficult.

Skip the button down shirts and skirts with zippers in the back. Instead, think stretchy and avoid choosing items that require sustained attention or lots of movement to put on.

Stretchy items of clothing are an especially good choice for those with a back injury. Think pants with elastic waistbands and drapey dresses that can easily be pulled over your head.

Dress to Reduce Injury

No matter what kind of injury you have, the last thing you want to do is wear clothing that causes you to reinjure yourself or suffer from a new injury. That means looking for styles that prevent you from potentially hurting yourself.

For example, long maxi dresses aren’t a good choice if you’re recovering from a broken leg because you could accidentally trip over the long skirt. Choose a dress with a skirt that doesn’t touch the ground while you’re recovering.

Shoes are an important consideration too. Some shoes are bad for your feet, regardless of whether or not you’re recovering from an injury, but they are especially bad if you’re recovering. Avoid heels, which includes kitten heels, and wear flats or tennis shoes instead.

Dress for Comfort and Style

There was once a time when comfort and style never went together. Fortunately, in today’s world of fashion, comfort and style often go hand-in-hand. That means you can find clothing that keeps you comfortable while recovering that you can still wear when running errands.

It’s cool to be uncool, which means wearing orthopedic sneakers and high rise dad jeans are all the rage. Ugg boots have been considered stylish for years, and oversized, ill-fitting coats have been gracing the runways as of late. The more comfortable and seemingly unstylish you are as you accommodate your injury, the more fashion you’ll ironically have.


No matter how many options there are for dressing with an injury, there will always be at least a few things in your closet you can’t wear, but that doesn’t mean you will want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to elevate your style, dress with accessories.

A few accessory options that are perfect for those who are recovering from an injury include:

  • Oversized necklaces that can be pulled over your head.
  • Rings and bracelets that can be slipped on and off easily.
  • Headbands require next to no styling in front of the bathroom mirror.
  • Pearl clips can keep hair out of your face without the need for a ponytail.
  • Earrings are a fast and easy way to dress up any outfit.

Don’t think that recovering from an injury means you have to lounge around the house in your stained pajamas until you’re back to your normal self. There are many ways you can wear trendy items while you recover!

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