DIY Easter Costumes For The Kids

It's nearly Easter, and your children are probably dying to eat their weight in chocolate while dressing up as the Easter bunny.

It’s nearly Easter, and your children are probably dying to eat their weight in chocolate while dressing up as the Easter bunny. If you want a project to create with your kids, or you don’t want to invest in a full Easter costume, you can make one instead. Here are the top DIY Easter costumes for your kids:

1. Bunny Top Hat or “Alice in Wonderland” White Rabbit

Adding bunny ears to a top hat is a fun take on the classic rabbit ears. Head to your nearest costume store and purchase a top hat, and some bunny ears (not attached to a headband if possible). Glue the ears to the bottom of the hat so it appears as if your child has sprouted ears!

Add a feather for a dapper flourish and finish with a ribbon to cover up your glue job. If that sounds like too much work, an “Alice in Wonderland” White Rabbit Hat can be bought from great costume stores! Your kids don’t have to know you didn’t make it!

2. Easter Bunny for Girls

If your little one is hell-bent on dressing up as a bunny this Easter, grab a few accessories to create a cute but easy costume. Buy (or make) a white pom pom and fasten it to a pink tutu with a safety pin. Purchase some pink and white bunny ears from your nearest costume shop, and draw whiskers and a nose on with eyeliner or face paint. Your little one will look incredibly cute with minimal effort required.

3. Easter Bunny for Boys

Repeat the steps above, but instead of a tutu, fasten the white pom pom to a pair of pants or shorts. This costume is so easy yet so effective!

4. Easter Bunny Onesie

It may seem like an easy way out, but a onesie is the perfect DIY costume—it’s already done for you! You just need to add whiskers in face paint. If you can find a rabbit onesie, grab one for each of your kids this Easter. They’ll look super cute, plus they’ll be warm and cosy when that Easter chill hits.

5. A Cute Baby Chick

Baby chickens are one of the most popular symbols of Easter now, and your little one will love becoming a chick for the day! Grab a beak mouthpiece and chicken feet slippers from your nearest costume store.

For the body of the chick, dress your kid in a yellow t-shirt and shorts, with a yellow feather boa thrown over their shoulders. If you want to go all out, you can style their hair into a mohawk to look like a chicken’s comb! 

6. Adult Jesus

For many, Easter is a religious celebration, so you may need to be mindful about dressing up as Jesus around a certain company to avoid offending anyone. However, if your kids are learning about the religious story of Easter, dressing up as Jesus may be their costume of choice. Here’s how to do it:

  • Soak a white sheet in your laundry sink with a packet of tea bags or loose leaf tea, then hang to dry on the line.
  • Grab some vines from the garden and fasten into a circle for a headband. If your little one is likely to be tearing around the yard,  a faux leaf garland headband from your nearest costume store is a more durable option.
  • Drape the sheet around your child’s waist and fasten with a strand of rope. If your daughter wants to be Jesus, fasten the sheet by draping over her shoulder, toga style. Add the headpiece and your little one is all set.

Dressing up on Easter adds to the excitement of chocolate-eating and festivities. Instead of going all out and investing in an Easter costume this year, try the DIY ideas above. By adding a few accessories from your nearest costume store, you can pull together any Easter costume for your kids without breaking the bank.

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