“I Have Not Gotten Out Of These Sweatpants In About 5 Days” -Honest Hygiene Habits Of Miley Cyrus During Self-Quarantine

Many of us are using the time to do a lot of the things we’ve put off for…

Many of us are using the time to do a lot of the things we’ve put off for a while as we all continue to deal with the new normal of being on self-quarantined lockdown. For Miley Cyrus, changing clothes on a daily basis is not on her list of priorities as she admitted in a recent video on social media.

People around the world, including celebrities, are using social media to have human interaction more than ever before since the coronavirus outbreak has virtually made everyone self-quarantine worldwide.

Miley Cyrus has been one of the celebrities who has used the lockdown status to check-in and connect with her fans by providing daily updates about how she’s doing.

In her most recent video posted to her Instagram stories, Miley admitted that as the days continue to run together during this quarantine period, she hasn’t exactly made changing her clothes one of her main concerns.

She simply said this in her video: “I have not, uh, gotten out of these sweatpants in about, uh, five days. And I have no plans on doing it anytime soon.”

In the video, Miley was seen wearing an oversized sweatshirt along with a colorful beanie, looking perfectly relaxed and carefree while at her home.

While it’s tempting to stay in your comfy clothes for days at a time, experts recommend implementing regular daily hygiene practices to reduce depression during such a stressful time.

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