6 Beautiful Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Pets

When you get a pet, in start it all bright and shine, it’s like having a new member in your family, new friend with whom you build a beautiful bond which is beyond any language or relation.

When you get a pet, in start it all bright and shine, it’s like having a new member in your family, new friend with whom you build a beautiful bond which is beyond any language or relation. With time that bond becomes stronger, new memories are created, sometime when you are feeling low, then that pet reduces your stress by being with you. The relationship between you and your pet is something that only another pet lover can understand. 

You can play games with them, in pets, you find a friend who will create a special space in your heart which will be going to last very long. Although it’s not only the fun but also a responsibility, having a pet makes you responsible, you take care of them like a child, even the life of some pets is not long enough to be with you forever but the memory of the time you spend with them will always going to be with you. Apart from giving a very pleasing company, pet’s loyalty is also appreciated. We found them always available to us.

Why Should You Do It? 

You start becoming grateful to the love and warmth you receive from the pets. People find a beautiful connection with the pets, but the trauma that a person feels after losing a pet is something that cannot be described in words. Though it is known and understood that life ends after a certain period of time but still to accept that the beloved pet is not alive anymore is quite traumatic and painful. You find emptiness in your mind and in your heart after losing your pet. 

There is a whole process of multiple steps that includes many memories of your pet right from bringing it home to the time you spent together. It is really hard for a person to leave someone who grown right in front of them. It’s not always death that separates from your pet; sometimes, situations also have a part to play in it. But it would be wrong if you stuck with it, you should cherish the memories and overcome the separation, to remember the pet as a source of your happiness. Like your pets also share the sense of bond and feeling, you should honor that bond in different ways. 

The following are the six most beautiful ways to say goodbye to your pet-

Organize a Burial: With time, your pet becomes a family member, and to honor their love and memories, you can build a burial near your house. There are many types of material in the market, like cremation kits for pets and companions. You can arrange a small ceremony with your close friends and share the beautiful memories you had created with your pet. 

Pet Portraits: You can create portraits of your pet always to remember the bond that you two shares, and by putting that portrait at a correct spot, you will always feel their presence. The portrait should be a beautiful image of your pet so that you can always remember how happy you were together.

CanvasPop offers really amazing pet portraits that will embark all the memories that you shared with your companion. You can upload their best picture on CanvasPop’s website and customize it. 

Complete unfinished wish list: You may have some plans or some places to visit with your pet, but now when they are not with you, it feels very sad, but you should complete every wish and every plan once to do with your pet. Your companion may not be there with you, but it will always be in your heart, and you should remember that the plans you are doing are not only yours, but it’s of your pet’s also.

Write a message for your companion: There are many things that we want to say to our love ones, but sometimes because of situations we were not able to tell them or make them feel it, but it’s ok to write a message for your pet, it will make you feel better, relived and help you to get over the loss.

Plant a tree: It would be great if you plant a tree in the memory of your pet. By planting a tree, you are doing good work, and by taking care of that tree, you will not feel alone, and it would help you to fill that void and emptiness which the loss has caused in your heart. 

Make a stuff shadow box: After you lost a pet, their remaining stuff has become very important to you, but taking care of it for a long time is quite difficult, and when you find out you missed any of it, that will hurt you. 

So as a closure, you can create a shadow box with a glass frame, where you can beautifully arrange your pet’s remaining stuff and place it in some special place so you can always see it and remember all the happy moments you had with your pet.

You can do all the above things in the memory of your pet. From pet portraits to planting a tree, all this work will make you feel better. Losing a companion animal is very hurtful, but to honor your pet’s memory, you need to overcome it and live with their memories.

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