Coronavirus Causes Mandatory Shutdown Of New York City for 24 Hours

Bien Luigi

The Coronavirus is spreading out of control and is now hitting US cities hard, to get ahead of the curve of the virus, NYC is taking the aggressive steps of shutting down the city. Governor Cuomo is requesting that all citizens say home and business shut down in the meantime.

This is not just a friendly request from the governor.  Businesses that don’t comply with this request will face a fine.  Cuomo tells residents this is not a Shelter in place order.  MTA workers, food services, deliver and essential workers can still go to work.  Those living in New York City can already see that the city is becoming a ghost town.

Here are the rules:
Residents have to stay indoors unless they are exercising alone outside, pre-screen all visitors and aides by taking temperatures, don’t visit households with multiple people, vulnerable people should wear a mask around others, stay at least 6 feet away from individuals, only take public transportation if it’s urgent and absolutely necessary.

The state has more than 7,000 confirmed cases out of only 32,000 tests which is alarming.