DIY These Rakhis at Home this Year

Rakshabandhan is one such fun festival as per the Hindu culture, which need not be taken for granted.

Rakshabandhan is one such fun festival as per the Hindu culture, which need not be taken for granted. The love, the laughs, the leg-pulling, and more that we share with our siblings is just exceptionally out of words. This Rakshabandhan, celebrate the bond with your siblings over some DIY Rakhis, like your old childhood days.

In this era of ordering Rakhi Online, here is a list of how you can make it at home with more love and care.

Pencil Rakhi- To make this Rakhi, you will need pencil shavings, a small piece of cardboard, ribbon, some beads or stones, glue, and scissors. Cut the cardboard piece in the round, and paste the pencil shavings in a flower shape. Now decorate this flower with beads or stones and paste a ribbon at the backside of it. Paste another cardboard piece at the back and you are done.

Beads-Kalawa Rakhi- Take Kalawa thread and start stringing the beads in it. Make any pattern you like and as colorful as you want. After you are done with the designing, make a knot on both corners of Kalawa, so that they do not come out. And here your beaded rakhi is all ready to embrace your brother’s wrist.

Pulses Rakhi- Begin this Rakhi, by taking a spoon full of pulses, in all the colors. Now take a cardboard piece and cut it in your desired shape (flower shape will suit the best). Now, start gluing it to the shape with colorful pulses, as per your wish. Let this dry for half-an-hour. After the pulses have stuck perfectly, take a ribbon or Kalawa and stick it at the backside of this patch and over that stick another cardboard of the same shape and it is ready.

Cartoon Rakhi- Cartoons have always made us giggle and learn a lot, so here is your chance to relive your childhood TV binging days. The market is flooded with fun and small-sized cartoon toys, buy one such and some ribbon. Now with the help of a glue gun, stick the ribbon on the toy, and tada… the Rakhi is ready. Yeah, that’s all you need to do!

Stone Rakhi- Buy some colorful stones from the market, or you can opt for stone stickers, that are hoarded in the market. Take a cardboard piece, and cover it with a colorful paper. Then decorate it with the stones in your desired design, and you are done. Take a ribbon and at the back of this patch, stick it with glue and then put another cardboard piece. Another marvelous piece by you is ready, and don’t worry your brother will surely cherish it.

So, now whether it is for your daughter who has a Rakhi-making Competition in school, or you, who wants to make Rakhi for your brother like the old days, you have the idea how to.

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