Vanity Phone Numbers: Best Way to Establish Your Brand

Vanity numbers not only help your business look more professional but also helps in establishing brand identity.

Vanity numbers not only help your business look more professional but also helps in establishing brand identity. Businesses that invest too much money in display advertising can take the most advantage out of it by using an easy to remember vanity number.

It is very unrealistic to expect customers to remember a long and lengthy toll-free number. 

Here are a few reasons to prove why vanity phone numbers are old school business tools that still help your business grow?

Benefits of Having a Vanity Number

Brand Recognition

Vanity numbers can be easily associated with any business, as they are easy to remember. They create a good impression in the eyes of the customer.. It does not require much efforts to establish as a brand, with the help of vanity phone numbers.

Wider Market Reach and Brand Presence

Vanity numbers give you an edge over the competition and help you get a wider reach. It helps your customers to reach your business anytime, as it is free of cost for the customers to call you. Businesses can also reap the benefits of direct marketing, with the help of vanity phone numbers.

Keep the customers away from Yellow Pages

If you have a catchy vanity number, then there is no need for your customers to go through yellow pages, to get your contact information. It was proved that customers who go through the yellow pages often get distracted to the display ads and end up calling other business for the service they require.

800 vanity numbers

800 vanity numbers are proven to work like a charm for any business who wish to establish their brand identity in a specific location. One can target 3-4 areas or the entire state with the help of 800 vanity numbers, and they are proven to bring in potential business. Regardless of you using a cell phone, landline, or a call centre, you can receive calls straight away to your phone.

Gives you a Name

If you are planning to establish a brand identity in the long run, you must try to use the vanity numbers. They are completely free to use and bring in new customers. They act as a great word of mouth marketing tool as the vanity numbers are very easy to remember. If you are a new business and planning to increase your reputation and sales, then you must definitely opt for a good vanity number for your business.

On a short note, vanity numbers help you to establish a brand identity and act as a word of mouth marketing which helps you to get greater ROI even with local campaigns.

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