“I’m definitely going to get it. We all are”: Coronavirus Infection is Inevitable For All As Warned By New Jersey Health Commissioner

New Jersey state health commissioner Judith Persichilli warns that contracting the coronavirus is something that’s inevitable for all as the pandemic spreads like a wildfire across the globe.

Persichilli, 71, recently answered a question posed by NJ.com about her being worried if she’ll eventually catch the virus. “I’m definitely going to get it. We all are. I’m just waiting, She smiled and frankly retorted.

Persichilli shares that the case will “probably be mild,” and that she’ll feel sick for a few days, then get better. She adds that it may not even be this month or year, but she’s studied all coronavirus pandemic algorithms and consulted with experts to get to this theory.
Before becoming the state’s top health official, Persichilli was a former ICU nurse, and says, “All of my experiences through the years have prepared me to be here at this point in time. There’s a reason for it. There’s a reason for it.”

Furthermore, Persichilli admitted that she doesn’t know exactly when or how the virus pandemic will end. However, all we can try to avoid contact with others, and prepare for any contraction.

Currently, New Jersey has 1,327 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 16 deaths.

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