Loss Of Taste and Smell Are New Coronavirus Symptoms According To Expert


A loss of smell and taste could be new coronavirus symptoms in patients who don’t exhibit any other symptoms.

The British Association of Otorhinolaryngology explains that those who do not have a fever or a cough could exhibit a loss of smell or taste after contracting coronavirus.


“Evidence from other countries that the entry point for the coronavirus is often in the eyes, nose and throat areas

“We have also identified a new symptom (loss of sense of smell and taste) that may mean that people without other symptoms but with just the loss of this sense may have to self-isolate – again to reduce the spread of the virus.”

Infections that affect the back of the throat or nose will often lead to a loss of those two senses according to experts.

Professor Nirmal Kumarm, an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon, explains that the nose is main entry point for the virus.


“In young patients, they do not have any significant symptoms such as the cough and fever, but they may have just the loss of sense of smell and taste, which suggests that these viruses are lodging in the nose.”

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