7 Types of Fashion Rings to Refresh Your Style

What are the types of fashion rings you can use to refresh your style?

What are the types of fashion rings you can use to refresh your style? Many people feel that the only way to update a wardrobe is to get rid of the old and buy all new things. While retail therapy is a fantastic idea, it’s usually not always ideal, especially if you’re on a budget.

What do you do? You accessorize, of course! One of the best ways is to accessorize with fashion rings. Rings are such simple accessories that brighten up any outfit. It’s also a very affordable way to add some flavor and jazz into your wardrobe no matter what season. Rings are also suitable and versatile for both men and women.

#1 Rhinestone rings

There are plenty of different rings on the market, and it’s hard to put them into a specific category. Also, with the choices we have, we’re all spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right one that fits our style. When it comes to rhinestone rings, it almost always boils down to the occasion. Rhinestone rings often exude a luxurious and glamorous feel. Both men and women can wear these rings for prom, a formal dinner, an elegant auction, and so on. Of course, with rhinestones, you need to be careful how big or glamorous you want it to be – do you want to create a statement, or do you want it to just add a little something extra to your outfit?  

#2 Ring and chain handpiece

Think of Rihanna when you want to picture the ring and chain handpiece. This is definitely an attention-drawing statement piece that accentuates any look, day or night, in a cool and authentic way. This kind of statement piece works fantastically with a simple black dress and usually suits women more than men, but then again, rules of fashion are meant to be broken, so wear what you feel like wearing.

#3 Midi rings

These types of rings are worn by both men and women, and they give off a rugged and rustic look. Usually, this type of rings is worn with casual outfits; think of white t-shirt with cut-off jeans. If you’re not the kind of person to over-accessorize an outfit, then midi rings can transform your look to modern and vogue-like. If your job entails using a lot of handworks, such as for things like strumming the guitar, playing the piano, mixing drinks, and spinning and mixing songs, midi rings definitely add the cool factor.

#4 Full finger rings 

Take your inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s look with a full finger ring. If you ever thought full finger rings are only for masquerade balls or costume, well Kim Kardashian and Fergie can tell you that it even belongs on the red carpet. These types of rings are very fashion-forward and have been made with bold men or women in mind, the ones not afraid to be the center of attention and to create a statement wherever they go. 

#5 Ornate rings

Johnny Depp is one such celebrity to take fashion inspiration from when it comes to ornate rings. From intricate patterns to chunky rings, Depp has them on most of his fingers. If you’re going for a slightly gothic, rococo look, then ornate rings of various band thicknesses can be worn with jeans, dresses, jackets, or in Johnny Depp’s case, even a suit.

#6 Faux stone rings

From onyx to turquoise, faux stone rings are like gemstones as well, but they have more settled colors. It doesn’t have a very glamorous and dazzling look like gemstones, which makes it even more versatile for daily wear. Plenty of people choose faux stone rings based on their Zen orientation or based on their birthstones. You can also go for real stones and crystals for your rings, as they are known to cleanse and focus your energy, as well as protect your aura.

#7 Minimalist rings

Minimalist rings are going to be always in style, no matter what era. These rings are the sleek jewelry you need to shop for to add to your ring collection. These rings come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll not find a problem finding something that fits your personal taste. Hopefully, you won’t be too spoiled for choice to find a ring you like. If you’re thinking of adding rings to your fashion wardrobe, then minimalist rings are a good way to start with your collection and expand from there.

Rings are all about finding your personal style, just like any other fashion item. When you find it, you rock it with confidence. Your most important decision when it comes to rings is the sizes and what fingers you want to put them on. Other than that, what styles go with what you’re wearing, the colors, gemstones, or faux stones are up to your creativity on dressing your style.

When you have the basics down, you can rock any ring. 

How many rings should you have on your fingers?

This is more of a personal choice. There’s no hard and fast rule about wearing rings. It’s all about the kind of look you want to carry and the place or event you’re going to. Do you want to look all rugged like Johnny Depp at a concert? Do you want to look polished at a board meeting? Do you want to look elegant in your evening wear? The number of rings you wear depends on these elements. But then, if you aren’t sure, less is always more.  

It also depends on the rings. If you want to wear one ring per finger, it’s more comfortable for you if you have two or three spread out across both your hands, as opposed to having rings in all fingers, unless those are thin, delicate, small rings. Chunky, big rings are best worn one on each finger.

Statement rings are called statement rings because they make a statement, and if you’re planning to wear it, make that ring shine and only wear one. Whichever ring you choose to wear and how many depends on your choice. Just bear in mind that quality is always better than quantity.

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