How to Find the Best Foundation Color Shade for You

Finding the correct foundation for you takes time.

Finding the correct foundation for you takes time. You have to carefully look through all the different options in order to find the one which is going to be the best choice for you, and this can be a lengthy process.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to identify the correct foundation for your needs and requirements without considerable resources and funding. We will be examining the method used to identify the correct color face foundation for your skin tone. 

Identifying Your Undertone

The first step in identifying what kind of foundation will be best for you is to find your undertone. This is a base tone which exists in your skin and will determine what kind of foundation you will need.

There are typically three different categories for undertones. These are warm, cold, and neutral. A warm undertone will represent skin best suited to yellow, peach or golden. A cold undertone will indicate skin which is more adjusted to red, blue and pink. A neutral undertone is one which can have a combination of cold and warm colors. 

There are a selection of tests which you can do to identify what kind of undertone you have. Someone who is naturally blonde, black or brown with grey, blue or green eyes would be best suited to a cool undertone, then your ideal foundation will be one which has a red or blue base. Sable, rose and cocoa are all recommended shades to consider.. Contrastingly, someone with naturally black, strawberry blonde or auburn hair would best suit a warm undertone if they have hazel, amber or brown eyes. 

Understanding Your Skin Type

Everybody has a different type of skin. While it is not mandatory for identifying the shade of foundation, it is important to know your skin type for the best results. 

Oily skin will require a matte finish or an oil-free offering, and dry skin will require a moisturizing foundation. Sensitive skin will need an aromaless, hypoallergenic foundation, and an uneven complexion will need a full effect foundation. 

Use Your Skin as a Guideline

If you are unsure about which foundation will be right for you, you need to use your skin as a guideline in your experimentation. Remember that undertone – it will come in handy later.

If you are someone who has a warm undertone, you should look for a foundation which has a golden or yellow base. Appropriate shades for you will include things like tan, caramel, chestnut, and beige. 

If you or someone who has a cool undertone, then your ideal foundation will be one which has a red or blue base. Sable, rose and cocoa are all recommended shades to consider. 

Those with a neutral undertone may explore both options, but if you are looking for a unique offering, then foundation which comes in shades of nude, Ivory or buff will be good choices. 

Test Each Choice

When looking for the correct foundation it is important to select something which is relevant to your skin. These guidelines are generic and are not a guarantee of a perfect fit. 

To ensure an accurate match, you should test each shade and see if it matches your skin tone. Obviously, you are searching for something which provides you with the closest match, so your makeup looks natural. It is important to experiment and test, but thankfully you will not need a large quantity to do so. 

Overall, these are the steps you should take to find the ideal skin tone for your needs. It is not easy to do by any means, but it is an important part of making sure that you look your best and have collected enough resources to properly do your makeup. Foundation is an important part of this because it gives you the blank canvas that you need to apply makeup properly. Naturally, this makes finding it an important part of the process, and so it is important to take the time to find your ideal choices. It can be a challenge, without a doubt, but it can also be incredibly worth it to get it right, which is why a lot of people will spend a long time trying to make it work out. 

Remember, experimentation is key, as understands your undertone! 

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