Jamie Jean revives fond memories with new single, “I Can Dream Can’t I”?

For those of us who are in relationships or married, being devoted to those whom we are with seems like a no brainer. Despite this we sometimes reminisce about loves of our past, ones to whom we refer to as “The one who got away”.

Nashville based pop artist Jamie Jean knows the feeling all too well. She aims to be that voice of empathy for others who feel the same with her new single, “I Can Dream Can’t I?” Inspired by her old diary entries and a teenage crush, the lighthearted pop tune is a self-reflection, and what Jamie believes to be a casual fear of commitment. Ultimately, she decides that it’s better to just daydream about her cherished memories than get in too deep. Releasing April 3, 2020 and produced by Cole Phillips, “I Can Dream Can’t I?” invites listeners to keep things lighthearted when it comes to love through its upbeat lyrics and wistful undertones.

In the future, Jamie Jean looks forward to reaching new heights with “I Can Dream Can’t I?”. With hopes of releasing both a second single and a possible EP, later this year, Jamie aims to take life less seriously, have a lot more fun making music and replace all of the deep stuff with the beauty of a daydream. 

What else does the future hold for Jamie? Keep up with on all of her social platforms below:






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