Trendy Sports Wear for 2020

It’s no secret that sportswear is more than just comfy, functional clothes you don’t mind sweating in anymore. These days, it’s fashion.

It’s no secret that sportswear is more than just comfy, functional clothes you don’t mind sweating in anymore. These days, it’s fashion.

In fact, it’s taking over, transforming from the simple monochromatic leggings and tank-tops of yesteryear into a sporty chic trend called “athleisure” that wants to make sure you look good both at the gym and, well, everywhere else too.

Whether you plan to strut your stuff on the track field or the runway, here are some of the most stylish athleisure looks for 2020:

Jumbo sweatshirts

For a style that combines cute with casual, wearing a way-too-big sweatshirt gives off an I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-this-on vibe that makes you look all the more stunning by virtue of fact that you definitely didn’t just roll out of bed and throw that on but actually spent several hours in the mirror making sure everything was perfect. Pick a dark top and wear it with a bright colored pair of sleek, sexy leggings to create a fun juxtaposition.

Better yet, try this cool look: find a sweatshirt big enough that you can basically wear it as a mini-dress. Then cinch your waist with a colorful belt, providing both shape and contrast. Finally, finish the outfit with either thigh-high boots or, if you’re really committed to the sporty look, thigh-high athletic socks and a chunky pair of hi-tops. Wear your hair in a high pony for maximum flair.

Standout sneakers

Speaking of hi-tops, it’s time to stock up on Adidas coupons because sneakers are about to become your new best friends. Let’s face it, sports wear doesn’t leave a lot of room for extra frills; even if you’re more about the look than the lifestyle, pairing yoga pants and racerback tops with too much jewelry just looks… weird.

Start looking at sneakers the same way you already look at heels: you can never have too many! Sneakers are not only comfortable, but come in all kinds of cool colors and designs. They add a sporty spice to your wardrobe and, as is true of all fashion styles, the right shoe can elevate any outfit to outright classic status.

Matching colors

You can find athletic tops and bottoms in every pattern and color of the rainbow these days. But while mixing and matching used to be the rule of thumb a few short years ago, these days what really stands out is picking a shade that compliments your beauty and embracing that fully. That doesn’t mean accepting fashion monotony. It just means knowing how to accessorize.

For instance, a matching tie-dye legging/crop-top combo with an acid-washed denim vest layered atop blends together punk and hippie inspirations into something one-of-a-kind. Meanwhile, a pair of bright neon yoga pants and a matching sports bra worn under a more muted faux-shearling jacket can, with the addition of some XL dark sunglasses and a flashy necklace, communicate an unapologetic yeah-I’m-living-the-good-life hip-hop attitude.

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