Politics mixed with Business is a Sinister Cocktail

In world politics, it is a quite prevalent fact when business merges with politics.

In world politics, it is a quite prevalent fact when business merges with politics. Most times it is aimed at protecting the business, a particular businessman has and is not really interested in changing the political environment of a country.

Mixing politics with business is very dangerous. It is something similar to a sinister cocktail. When an individual who has a lot of money but no political background under its belt, comes into politics and gets the initiative, the situation could change drastically. This article will examine this issue.

Why do wealthy business owners decide to enter politics?

There are several answers to this. First of all, he or she may be determined to protect businesses from internal and external threats. When you have no political power, it is difficult to avert all of these threats. Secondly, for some wealthy people, politics is the opportunity to gain more authority in the eyes of citizens. Everyone likes it when they are supported, and when it comes to politics, things are no different.

While we have the cases when prominent faces such as George Soros or Donald Trump going into politics, some of the relatively unknown people from other industries have decided to undergo the same fate. One particular case has been the online gambling industry. Casino owners are some of the wealthiest people in the world. The fact itself looks very weird – why should an owner of a real online casino make up his mind on joining politics. You could spend your whole life comfortably just managing casinos and earn a lot of money. But the main reason for this is power. When you have political power, it is much easier to adopt rules related to gambling which do you a favor. You know that some countries have very strict regulations on gambling and as an owner of a casino if you somehow manage to be involved in politics, the odds are clearly for you to get some benefits.

Georgia (country) is a clear example of politics and business when a businessman took over the role of a politician in 2012. While Bidzina Ivanishvili is a philanthropist and has done a lot of things for Georgia’s development, upon entering politics, he further expanded his business. Ivanishvili is the wealthiest person in Georgia and the sole citizen of Georgia who comes in Forbes’ list of billionaires. He is a clear example of mixing politics and business. A lot of citizens react negatively to his period in Georgia because it is thought he is caring only for his wealth and uses political power for protection.

On the other hand, when you have money and businesses, it is much easier to gather supporters and gain entry in politics. In the United States, we have an example of Donald Trump, a prominent businessman who became the president of the country in 2016. But it goes without question that not all businessmen use politics for personal benefits – some of them are really determined to resolve the problematic situation in a country.


While business and politics are separate fields, it frequently happens when these two merges. One cannot say how it affects a state, but in most cases, they end negatively.

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