Should I See My Doctor After My Car Accident?

Not everyone who finds themselves involved in a car accident becomes injured right away.

Not everyone who finds themselves involved in a car accident becomes injured right away. In mild accidents, it is quite common for people to simply move on and go about their regular day-to-day activities immediately following the collision simply because they are unaware of any injuries they may have incurred. At which point, people tend to ask themselves “when should I see my doctor after my car accident?”

Still, it is important to receive medical attention after an accident because some injuries take several days – even weeks – to show symptoms to be aware of. Additionally, having thorough documentation from a medical professional is an extremely important element in building a strong case for compensation. If you have recently experienced a car accident, seek medical attention immediately and contact an accident attorney to get your case underway.

What to Look Out for Following a Car Accident

You may not be bleeding or have any fractures immediately after you experience a collision – and that’s great! Although this is a great indicator of your physical condition, it is not 100% accurate. Many injuries take time to surface, as some pains and aches can only be revealed with certain movements or activities. If you are unsure of whether you have sustained injuries or not, you must remain vigilant and pay close attention to any of the following signs if they arise: 

  • Persistent headaches (can be indicative of a concussion or hemorrhaging)
  • Aches or nausea in your abdominal region (in extreme cases, this can be a sign of internal bleeding)
  • Neck pain and soreness (most often this can be attributed to whiplash)
  • Difficulty when moving extremities (may indicate fractures, damage to soft tissues, or nerve damage)

When you seek immediate treatment from a medical professional following a car accident, you gather enough documentation to give the full context of your physical condition before and after the incident. This way, even if you have pre-existing health conditions, you can clearly illustrate the effect of the collision on your physical health. Your insurer (and the other party’s) will then be unable to manipulate the details of the incident so much that they lower your settlement.

You must also understand that your body’s production of adrenaline during the excitement of a car accident may make it difficult for you to perceive low levels of discomfort. A doctor will be able to bring injuries to your attention that you may not have been aware of otherwise.

How a Doctor’s Visit Can Help Your Claim

When you are seen by a doctor, you receive documentation that includes diagnoses and a summary of your visit. This information is of critical importance to your case, as it is an irrefutable piece of evidence that documents your physical condition as a direct consequence of the accident. Additionally, your doctor will be able to give you accurate estimates of recovery time, any necessary treatment plans, and associated expenses. This is all essential to the determination of the amount you will be receiving in your settlement, as your insurer and the court system cannot determine your award until all details are received.

If you have become injured in a car accident, you need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer to walk you through the claims process. They will assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation and fight alongside you to get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and return to a normal life. Contact an attorney today to get started.

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