5 Brilliant Tips to Come up With Amazing Infographic Design Ideas

Infographics are fantastic ways of laying down information. Outlined below are 5 tips for amazing infographic design ideas.

Businesses, bloggers, and personal brands around the world continue to use infographics to present their ideas to the public. 

This could have something to do with the fact that time and time again, studies have proven that people just prefer learning from graphics. And how could we blame them? As humans, colored visuals are significantly easier for our brains to interpret. 

In fact, presenting information in colored visuals like infographics increases people’s desire to read it by 80%.  

With all the infographics being generated, it’s getting harder to come up with new and interesting infographic design ideas. 

Fortunately, there are methods you can utilize to help brainstorm topics for infographics that are guaranteed to hook your readers. Read on for 5 tips for generating cool infographic designs. 

Tip #1: Know Your Audience 

It doesn’t matter how cool or interesting your infographic is if it’s not interesting to the people you’re trying to reach. The first step in coming up with infographic ideas is to consider your target audience. 

Who are they? What are they interested in? What do they want to know?

Asking yourself these questions helps generate relevant ideas. Remember: Any topic can be relayed by an infographic. Nothing is impossible. 

Tip #2: Look at Other Infographic Design Ideas

Another great way to come up with interesting infographic design ideas is to get inspired by others. A look at what competitors are doing or a quick internet search can be enough to spur some great ideas. You could also use an online logo creator for some inspiration.

There are even sites with the best infographic ideas compiled for you. 

Step #3: Decide on One Topic Per Infographic

Thinking about different types of information can also help with brainstorming topics for infographics. Types of categories include industry or pop-culture information, product promotion, how-tos, and sharing news stories or events. 

It’s essential when picking a topic that it’s narrowed down to displaying one general idea. This helps maintain the infographic’s easy-to-understand nature. Otherwise, it quickly becomes messy. 

This is beneficial to the creator because each idea removed to retain the infographic’s simplicity can be used for another infographic!

Step #4: Make Sure the Infographic Is on Brand 

Take your infographic design ideas to the next level by making sure they match your brand. Studies show that having a consistent brand can increase revenue by up to 23%

Tips for keeping your infographic on brand include making sure the topic and infographic are consistent. This means utilizing the brand logo, colors, and typography when possible. 

Thinking about what sort of topics are on-brand for your businesses is another way to come up with interesting infographic ideas.  

Step #5: Think About Types of Visuals

When it comes to designing good infographics, it’s essential to think about what type of visuals relay the information best. Types of visuals can be anything from photography, illustration, and video to chart types like pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs. 

You want to pick the design elements that make it easiest for the viewer to understand what your infographic is saying. Typography tends to be limited in great infographic designs because the goal is to show, not tell. 

Put It All Together

Use all 5 of these tips and you’ll be generating infographic design ideas that people want to read in no time. It’s that easy! 

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