Six Flags Billing Pass Holders During Coronavirus Pandemic and Gets Them Sued Over it

Six Flags was still apparently billing their season pass holders.

It was previously reported that Six Flags was still billing its season pass holders during the coronavirus pandemic, unlike Disney who halted payments.

One customer, Shahriyar Rezai-Hariri has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Southern California-based theme park, claiming, “[Six Flags] made the baffling decision to keep charging all of its customers monthly membership fees while prohibiting access to Six Flags Magic Mountain” as the coronavirus spread across the world.”

While the park closed on March 13, under the safer-at-home emergency order enacted by the local and state governments, Rezai-Hariri adds, “unlike its competitors in the industry, [Six Flags] continued charging its thousands of customers monthly fees — at full price.”

In addition, Rezai-Hariri because customers have her credit and debit cards uploaded and on file with the company, they are then able to keep charging them, “without their consent.”

Subsequent to the unfair and deliberate payment processing, Rezai-Hariri is suing on behalf of himself and all customers stuck in the same position, dealing with the continued monthly charges. The suit is for damages that will exceed $5 million.

Per TMZ, a rep told them that those who are being charged have elected to continue payment processing in lieu of free pass upgrades. For those who wish to cease charges, they’re instructed to reach out to the company.

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