A Decrease in Crime Is Seen In Major Cities Amid Viral Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a decrease in crime in major cities across the US.

Crime across the country has seen a dramatic decrease, since the spread of the viral pandemic. Cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles seem to be having a quieter time.

According to Time, Chicago has seen a 42% decrease, since the citizens have been required to stay home. This is because the offenders are unable to move around.

“The feedback I’m getting is that they aren’t able to move, to sell anything anywhere,” said Joseph Lopez, a criminal lawyer in Chicago who represents reputed drug dealers.

New York has seen a decrease as well. According to @thehill, the New York Police Department stated that murder decreased by 25%, in addition to grand larcenies decreased by 37%, with robberies also seeing a decrease by 10%, for the month of March.

It’s stated the decreased crime coincided with the stay -at-home order that’s in place. Before the viral pandemic, crime had seen an increase by 28%.

Los Angeles has also seen a decrease in crime. According to @thehill, homicide in Los Angeles fell by almost 43%, and rape dropped by 37%, while robbery declined by 14%.

“Suspects for the most part are opportunists and they are looking at those locations, looking for that activity and looking for that victim,” LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Arcos also noted to the Los Angeles Times. “When you remove those things from that equation, it’s not surprising to start to see these types of decreases.”

While many of the stay-at-home orders are still in place, let’s hope the down tick in crime continues.

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