FedEx Driver Reduces Exposure For Girl With Autoimmune Disorder From Coronavirus By Sanitizing Her Packages

A family was blown away by an act of kindness displayed by their FedEx Driver.

A family was blown away by an act of kindness displayed by their FedEx Driver and they wanted to share the moment of humanity with the world.

FedEx employee Justin Bradshaw was dropping off packages on his Boca Raton, Florida, route when he came across a note posted to the door of a home. “Someone in this house has an autoimmune disorder,” the sign said, further explaining that those with autoimmune disorders are at higher risk for COVID-19 infections.

The note was placed there by Carrie Blasi, mother to 11-year-old Emma who was born with Type 1 diabetes, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. Instead of just leaving the package there as requested, Blasi’s doorbell camera captured Bradshaw reading the note before going to his truck with sanitizer and a paper towel.

After scrubbing the package, Bradshaw wrote on the box, “I sanitized (your) box once I’ve seen the note on (your) door,” adding a “stay safe” with a smiley face.

Blasi was touched by the “amazing” driver’s actions.
“I couldn’t believe that he took the time to sanitize the box,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Who does that? He went above and beyond.”

But in an interesting twist, Bradshaw and Blasi have more in common than just this moment. Bradshaw understands precautions because his 1-year-old daughter Nova was born at 28 weeks and weighed 1 pound.

“She was the size of my hand,” Bradshaw said. He and his wife Yasmine had to be careful with their baby girl during her 60-day stay in the hospital and with a highrisk of coronavirus exposure from handling packages, cleaning comes natural for Bradshaw.

“I keep gloves, wipes and masks in my truck and an extra set of clothing to change into before going inside my house after work,” Bradshaw said. “When I come home, I take a 15 minute shower before greeting my family.”

FedEx applauded Bradshaw’s actions. “We commend the actions of this service provider employee, who went above and beyond by sanitizing a high risk cutomer’s package.”

Doorbell cameras catch a lot of things but I’m glad this brief moment was captured and is being recognized.

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