Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying DJ Equipment

Here’s some tips for you to find the best DJ equipment that your money can buy.

When you show some interest in becoming a DJ, the first part of this desire is more daunting than it is exciting. That is the challenge and anxiety of having to shop for the DJ equipment that you need to start with. When you make it to the shops, chances are, you’ll only be overwhelmed at all of the possibilities that you’ll see. Naturally, because there are now many stores that have different options for you to choose from, you’ll only drown in a sea of possibilities. 

Thankfully, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the best tips that’ll help you make the best possible choice when choosing DJ equipment.

1. Focus First On The Basics That You Need

When you’re just starting, or when you’re quite short on the budget, you don’t have to feel pressured to buy it all. Especially when you’re still beginning to hone your skills, you’ll want to feel more confident than confused. Hence, it helps also to focus only on the basics. Then, when you’ve already gotten better or the hang of it is when you go more in-depth with buying more extras.

That said, here’s a list of the basics that you’ll need when purchasing DJ equipment:

  • At least two DJ turntables
  • An RCA cable, to connect the mixer to the audio output
  • At least two DJ cartridges
  • Vinyl records
  • A DJ mixer
  • Slipmats, or the flip mats that go between the record and the turntable platter
  • A DJ headphone

In focusing on these basics, you’re also immediately narrowing down the options that are in the market. It’s like an automatic filter, right from the very beginning. Then, it helps also if you first visit this website for DJs, so you can have the best insights and answers on the concerns that you may have as you shop.

2. Consider The Function Of DJ Software And Apps

Nowadays, DJs are also making that move to becoming digital. By this, it means that software and apps are also on the rise. In choosing among the many, you first need to have a good grip on the function of this type of software, and how it may help you as you begin your career

Generally, a DJ software or app should enable you to perform the following functions:

  • Perform tricks
  • Monitor your mixing moves
  • Modify music waveforms
  • Apply the filters and effects that you’ll select
  • Create or trigger samples

In the end, the functionality of your chosen software is dependent on your comfort in using the interface, and also how well you can manage it. Familiarity is key.

3. Take Note Of The Capacity Of Your Current Space Or Table

Shopping for the best DJ equipment will only be useless when they all won’t fit in your current space. Like a home, they need a space to belong to. Here, this refers to your table. You don’t want to have your table wobbling around when you’re scratching or mixing. 

That said, if you know that you’re getting short on space or that you need a new table, then buy a new one as well. Your table should be stable enough to give you the support that you need. Consider also the width, such that it’ll fit all of your necessary equipment in.

4. Study The Function Of DJ Controllers

In choosing from among numerous DJ controllers, it’s also imperative to consider three crucial elements. These are:

  • Control of your tablet and smartphone apps
  • A control surface that comes complete with knobs, buttons, faders, jog wheels or pads
  • An audio interface that transmits your signal to the external equipment

Among seeing to it that these elements are all present, do also ensure the build quality of the system. You’ll want gear that’ll hold up until the end. Else, perhaps in the middle of your gig, it may malfunction, and this is the last thing that you’ll want to happen. 

Then, see to it also that you can move around quickly when all your equipment is laid out on the table. The controller’s layout should be arranged in a way that’s most comfortable to you. Else, you’re only going to end up being confused.

5. At All Times, Choose The Best Quality

Even when you’re on a budget, never compromise the quality of the first DJ kit that you’re going to buy. All other factors considered, you must also consider the longevity of your equipment. It’s not something that you can change every so often, as this will help determine your beat, style, and even your level of comfort when mixing. Always choose the one that’ll not only last you a while but that you know you’ll also not outgrow too soon.


With this list of considerations, now you can make a better and more informed decision as to which DJ equipment will work the best for you. It’s not about buying the most expensive ones or the fanciest ones. You’ll want to ensure that all of your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. Now you can finally get started with building a professional DJ set-up that meets not just your needs and preferences but your budget as well.

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