What Do The 2020 Gambling Trends Tell Us

Gambling has never been so popular but it too is greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading around the world. Most land-based casinos worldwide have been shut down and there is no end in sight as to when businesses will resume as normal. The impact means that billions will be out of work and bad times are ahead for most. Businesses are going to need to transform their business model to cope with the shock but the online gambling sector is well set up to cope. In this article, I will talk about what the trends are showing us in the gambling niche and what to expect in the future.

More Women Gambling During Lockdown

Over the last decade, more and more women have started gambling online. The most popular gambling game with females is Bingo but other titles are starting to gain popularity such as slots. Since the lockdown in the UK has started we have seen an increase in the number of women gambling online. With nothing else to do it is one of the most fun activities to do while the world is in quarantine. If you are feeling bored at home make sure to check out this list of new online casinos as it will help you pass the time.

VR Mobile Gaming

The lockdown has seen record numbers buy virtual reality systems to attempt to relieve the boredom. Many have been playing VR casino games to pass the time along with providing much-needed exercise during the confinement of homes. Most have just been playing for fun rather than gambling but with many new casinos releasing VR platforms, the popularity will increase over the coming years.

Alternative Payment Methods

One of the biggest complaints about casinos is the amount of information a player has to provide before they can cash out any winnings. This is due to banking and gambling regulations which insist on checks being made before an operator can payout. Cryptocurrency is an alternative payment method that has been used by many online casinos to solve this problem. When you gamble at a crypto-only casino, you are not required to provide all these documents and can get your hands on any winning instantly.

Skill Based Gambling

One of the main reasons for the huge success of eSports gambling is that it provides players a chance to win money based on their skill levels rather than luck. The younger generation of players have been brought up playing amazing console games and when compared with traditional casino games offer far more exciting. Gambling is booming in the PVP sector and over the coming years, this is going to be the driving force of the industry.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic is causing major problems around the world and currently, there are no signs of the lockdown ends. Due to the boredom created due to this environment, it will fuel a big increase in people playing games to pass the time. While most sporting events are canceled many sports gamblers will play casino games and we will see the eSports sector expand even further to become one of the most important sectors in the world.

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