Joe Biden Officially Endorsed By Barack Obama For President

Our forever President Barack Obama has just endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Our forever President Barack Obama has just endorsed Joe Biden for president. Obama made the highly-anticipated announcement via a 10-minute video posted on social media—where he also mentioned Bernie Sanders and threw some well-placed shade at the Trump administration.

Former President Barack Obama finally endorsed his former vice president Joe Biden in a video praising his friend and former right-hand man. This is the first time that Obama has directly injected himself into the current presidential race after staying mostly out of the situation publicly. In his speech, he urged Democrats to rally behind Biden and form a unified front in an effort to defeat Donald Trump in November and win back the White House.

The video was taped on April 13th and posted earlier today, where Obama spoke in great detail about Biden’s character and resilience, and described him as the right kind of candidate to lead the country through a crisis like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He also emphasized the high stakes of the 2020 election by noting that Trump and Republicans in the Senate are solely interested in power, not making progress for Americans.

Obama said this about Joe Biden:

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a country from moments of great crisis, it’s that the spirit of looking out for one another can’t be restricted to our homes, or our workplaces, or our neighborhoods, or our houses of worship. It also has to be reflected in our national government. The kind of leadership that’s guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, empathy and grace — that kind of leadership doesn’t just belong in our state capitols and mayors offices. It belongs in the White House. And that’s why I’m so proud to endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States.”

This has been a game-changing week for Joe Biden. Prior to Barack Obama endorsing him, he also received an endorsement from his former opponent Bernie Sanders, who recently dropped out of the 2020 presidential race.

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