Russell and Ciara Wilson Are Expecting A Baby Boy

It looks like the Wilsons will have another little prince in their household.

It looks like the Wilson’s will have another little prince in their household.

On Tuesday, Ciara and Russell Wilson posted a video of them revealing the gender of baby No. 3. The couple first announced they were expecting a new baby back in January while they vacationed on the island of Turks and Caicos.

In their gender reveal video, Russell and Ciara are seen standing with their children Future and Sienna in their color-coordinated outfits as they released the smoke and confetti to find out that the newest Wilson baby will be a baby boy.

In excitement, the Wilson family ran around the field as they celebrated the baby’s gender.
Ciara recently spoke with People where she detailed what it has been like for her to be pregnant during this current pandemic.

She said, “What’s so funny is we’re homebodies, but something just sounds different when someone tells you that you have to stay at home. Being pregnant, me and this belly with the kids, I’m exerting a lot of energy even though I’m at home. But we’re making the best of this time!”

Russell also said, “What Ciara and I are trying to do is find even a little goodness in this. We get to spend quality time with our kids.”

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