The Rolling Stones Band – New Era of Rock & Roll

By the end of the 1960s “stones” became the bad-boy of the music industry due to its wild nature which included drugs, ferocious behavior and lots of sex.

The 1960s gave birth to the new era of rock and roll under the newly formed band Rolling Stones aka “stones”. Stones’ birth was like an invasion to rock and roll world which took over like a storm containing only music instruments instead of fast winds. By the end of the 1960s “stones” became the bad-boy of the music industry due to its wild nature which included drugs, ferocious behavior and lots of sex.


The title of bad-boy “stones” was looked like an exact opposite of the Beatles which at that time was labeled as a good-boy. When Beatles were gaining their stardom stones were rising from the everlasting pit of fire the burns of which was felt by the generations to come.

Stones” Became famous for its hard & blues-rock. No other rock band has been so sustainable than “stones”. 50 years passed but there’s no debate on whether stones are the greatest rock and roll band of all time or not, but the point is it is the greatest band of rock and roll genre because no band has sustained this much while carrying an image of bad-boy.


Former/Original members

  1. Mick Jagger-lead vocalist & harmonica 
  2. Bill Wyman-bass guitar & playback vocals 
  3. Keith Richards-guitar & playback vocals
  4. Ian Stewart-pianist 
  5. Charlie Watts-drummer
  6. Brian Jones-guitar, playback vocals, harmonica & sitar

Present/Current members

  1. Ron wood-bass guitar
  2. Charlie Watts-drummer
  3. Mick Jagger-lead vocalist & harmonica
  4. Keith Richards-guitarist 

Initial Music 

The alliance formed in London between (Jagger, Richards, Jones, Watts, and Wyman) then student musicians started playing obscure music in pubs around west London. To one’s eye then the mass-market explosion of “stones” was not such thing but by the end of 1965 “stones” 

were one step behind the Beatles. To that time “stones” had long hairs and each band member had different but intimidating attire. As the early music by “stones” became a sensation for teenage Britishers their (stones) behavior became more and more irrational, aggressive, threatening and rebellious. 

The “stones” initial work was composed by recycling hits from the past, mostly from blues and rock & roll giants of the 1950s. A bulk of albums and the first five singles of “stones” were composed by others. After this Richards and Jagger started composing their music. This ensured of band’s sustainable future as well as this served as a relationship between Jagger and Richard which was strong so much that they got the name of (Jagger & Richard’s) team.

First Hits

Even after this “stones” were nowhere near to pop-rock giants of that time. Their dark and aggressive energy was not liked much and it all went down with the same amount of time spending in jail and courts as they were spending in studios and or at tours. 

Record Deals 

Andrew Oldham previously promoting the Beatles was signed as a manager of “Stones” in 1963 which started by promoting “stones” image as a bad-boy of music to press. 

First-ever single Chuck Berry’s “Come On” was released in 1963. The song came at #21 at UK’s single chart. To appease producers from the TV band also performed on a TV show called “Thank Your Lucky Stars” wearing the same attire.

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was a mega-hit by the band in the year 1965, and came at #1 worldwide. The musical body of the band was getting shaped by rebellious and irrational behavior, sexually intimidating vocals, urgent guitars and harsh harmonicas. Which ultimately became a sensation or seduction material for teenagers and a bit problematic for old.

By putting “Paint It Back” at #1 the band got at another hit which eventually secured “stones” rock-star stardom. Once Jagger & Richards proved themselves to be a nut-cracking duo, the leadership of the band was given to them by Brian Jones (who started the band).

Falling Apart

1967 was the start of a downward slope for “stones”. Along with the stardom in rock & roll genre comes the abuse of drugs, so that’s what happened. Jones, Richards, and Jagger all were charged for the possession of drugs that year and were given the suspended sentences.

As many things nothing stays good for long enough, due to heavy abuse of drugs jones became uncontrollable for the rest of the band. Unfortunately, in 1969 jones left the band and shortly after he died of drowning in his pool. 

The image once drawn by “stones” as bad boys started getting intense as the band started to fell apart. Concerts occurring while tours were influencing teenagers one way or another to grow rebellious mind-sets, which led to the common use of drugs and communal behavior.

All of this led to several problems for the band, apart from all the other things band was always an anti-establishment group that created most of the problems for the band. The logo designed by John Pasche for the band containing lips and tongue always gave an anti-establishment message and is one of the most iconic logos ever made for a band. 

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