$8.5M Discovered in Account By Florida Woman While Checking For Stimulus Check

Look like everyone is getting millions out of the blue.

Looks like everyone gets millions out of the blue. It was recently reported that an Indiana man found over $8M in his bank account, and now a Florida woman discovered $8.5M in her account when she went to withdraw her Stimulus check!

Diana Lagulli said that she was withdrawing part of her stimulus check at a Wawa in Sanford when she noticed that the remaining balance was $8.5 million. “I laughed and told our son, look, your parents are millionaires,” she said.

However, the $8.5 million was not actually in her account when she checked with the bank. The incident inspired her to purchase supplies for a nurse from Walmart.

“It made me happy to do that even though I don’t have $8 million dollars. You should have seen her face,” Laguilli added.

As of now, it is not clear what has been causing these malfunctions, but most people across the country were due to receive their economic relief check April 15th. As we reported, single individuals get $1,200, married could will get 2,400, and an additional $500 per child.

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