A Buyer’s Guide to Flatbed Semi Trailers

Transporting irregular shaped or heavy objects are best done by utilizing a flatbed truck.

Transporting irregular shaped or heavy objects are best done by utilizing a flatbed truck. The open bed of this large vehicle is perfect for hauling agricultural equipment, scrap metal or construction materials. When you have an item that won’t fit into a van, flatbed trucking is the best alternative.

Consider Your Hauling Needs

If you’ve got lightweight equipment or vehicles that need to be moved or hauled, it’s usually best to use a towing service that has specially designed equipment that is designed for light or medium towing requirements. Like many companies, this type of hauling may not be suitable for your specific application. Fortunately, flatbed trucking provides the solution that’s needed for this challenge.

A Better Alternative

Several different types of industries utilize flatbed trucks. They provide a flexible way to transport items that are tall, long, heavy or wide. While it’s always nice to use a shipping container that can be sealed and closed when transporting items, it just isn’t feasible for some types of cargo. If you’ve got heavy, irregular shaped applications that require the utilization of a flatbed truck, you may want to consider acquiring one to assist with your hauling requirements.

Removing Scrap Metal

Utilizing a flatbed truck to remove scrap metal from a construction site is ideal. The size of this type of truck makes it easy to load and unload. Once the scrap metal is placed on the flatbed, it’s hauled to a recycling facility where they can repurpose it for other uses.

Hauling Heavy Farm Equipment

Moving heavy farm equipment from one location to another can be time-consuming and challenging. By utilizing a flatbed semi-trailer, it makes it easier and more efficient to get this type of task completed safely and quickly. The military also uses this form of transportation to haul tanks and other large military vehicles. Transporting these types of heavy machinery is much safer when the appropriate equipment is utilized.

Trucking Construction Materials to a Job Site

Construction rods and bars and other construction materials are easier to haul when you utilize flatbed trucking. The odd shape, length and weight of these types of items makes it almost mandatory to haul them with a truck that uses a flat open area. Finding a flatbed semi trailer for sale and utilizing it for one or more of these types of applications makes it easier and more efficient to accomplish.

Transporting Super Sacks

A super sack, which is also known as a big bag, bulk bag or flexible intermediate bulk container is an industrial-sized container that is made by using flexible fabric. It’s used for storing and transporting flowable products like plastic granules, fertilizer or sand. This type of container can weigh up to 2000 pounds, which makes using a flatbed trailer to haul it one of the best options you can take.

Moving Baled Tires

Getting rid of the millions of tires that are stockpiled each year is done by creating tire bales. The process of creating one utilizes unusable tires and wire. The tires are banded together and repurposed for use in applications ranging from retaining walls and impact barriers to road fill and erosion control.

As you can see, using a flatbed truck can be highly beneficial when hauling heavy or irregular shaped loads. Acquiring this type of vehicle allows you to haul a variety of materials effectively when the task needs to be done correctly.

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