Governor Announces Texas State To Reopen Next Week

The Governor of Texas wants to reopen.

While the viral pandemic is still very much present, It looks like the state of Texas is reopening for activity. But not without a few restrictions, though.

Despite the fact that schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year, Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the first wave of businesses reopening will start next week.

“Because of the efforts by everyone to slow the spread, we’re now beginning to see glimmers that the worst of Covid-19 may soon be behind us,” Abbot said during a midday news conference.

Retailers are said to open next Friday but on a to-go basis, which means they must deliver to people’s homes, cars, or other places.

People will still be required to wear face coverings in public and must abide be the social distancing rule.

Surgeries that were postponed have now been given the go ahead, but this is on an individual case-by-case basis.
Abbott also said, “Understand this, opening in Texas must occur in states. Obviously, not all businesses can open all at once on May the first,” he expressed. “Some businesses, if fully open, without better distancing standards, would be more likely to set us back, rather than propel us forward,’ the Texas governor stated.

He continued, “A more strategic approach is required to ensure that we don’t reopen only to have to shut down once again,” he said.

While North Florida has opened its’ beaches, Texas is officially the first state to open and implement the phases suggested by Trump.

States like New York and California have extended their stay-at-home order until May 15th.

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