Mobile Game Market Trends in 2020

Mobile game developers keep raising the bar to what it means to create the ultimate games.

Mobile game developers and marketers don’t take breaks. As the creators of gaming industry trends, they raise the bar to what it means to create the ultimate mobile game. Each year, they work diligently to keep up with trends and adapt new tech in order to launch the latest games in their fields. 

With the development and releases of new technological advancements such as cloud gaming and 5G, mobile gaming is expected to surpass all other devices in the industry. Here are the top mobile gaming trends of 2020.    

Ar Shows No Signs of Stopping

A 2020 survey by XR Industry Insight shows that 65% of the AR companies are working on AR for safety and industrial purposes. Users can expect to see the feature in sectors such as education, retail, and even healthcare. 

However, let’s not forget that it’s thanks to Pokemon Go and Facebook’s Oculus Rift that we have entertainment in such an immersive experience. AR mobile gaming is going away any time soon. 

Hyper-casual Gaming: Less Is More

Hyper-casual games have experienced unprecedented growth in the past year. Goldman Sachs’ recent 200M investment in hyper-casual powerhouse Voodoo indicates that it’s only gaining more momentum. Similar to a list of casino games or puzzles, hyper-casual follows a blueprint of being lightweight, simple, and highly addictive. 

Hyper-casual games have become so popular that it has gained its own genre. Mobile game industry statistics speak for themselves. The hyper-casual genre generates twice as much ad revenue and has ten times more downloads compared to its counterparts. Overall, hyper-casual is quick to download, easy to play, and players are going to see a lot more of it in 2020, believes expert Kevin N. Cochran

Idle Rpgs 

Originally from China, this low-commitment, tycoon-style RPG genre is slowly taking over as a mobile gaming trend. Its “ set it and forget it” gameplay, paired with intriguing storylines, attracts both casual players and gamers that look for some quick achievements. Its high customer retention rate and easy monetization make for a successful genre in 2020. 

Cross-platform Play

Cross-platform play allows players to play the same game, save their progress, and pick up where they left off on different devices. Some examples of this are Minecraft and Fortnite, and it’s expected that more PC and console games will join their ranks soon enough. 

Having the flexibility to be played from home and on the go gives developers more leverage over more stagnant games. Someone is more likely to lean towards a game they can enjoy anywhere, rather than something restricted to only one device.  

From the Big Screen to the Smartphone

Franchises found how much they can profit from releasing their own official games for smartphones and are jumping onto the mobile bandwagon. Franchises that were originally known for PC and console are now dominating the mobile world. 

Players have already welcomed franchises such as Call of Duty and Elder Scrolls into the app stores. In 2020, more franchises are joining the ranks and releasing official mobile games that, without a doubt, will be great hits for casual players and fans alike. 

Competitive Multiplayer Mobile Games

Another thing the top trending mobile games have in common is that most of them are a social platform. Players can game with everyone around the world and have competitive or co-operative experiences. Many of the top 2020 titles like PUBG, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty, bring people together, and that’s a feature that will never go out of style. 

Blockchain and Cloud-based Gaming

Instead of having to update devices and allowing data to take up space, players prefer a more modern option in cloud gaming. Cloud-based gaming processes a game on servers instead of your device. Players only need a high-speed connection to play. With the rise of 5G, many expect mobile cloud gaming even more by the end of 2020.


The ever-growing acceptance and increase of the gaming audience are creating an ecosystem of more genres, new developments, and more exciting content than ever before. Whether you’re a long time gamer, or you’re looking for a quick past-time during your commute, the mobile gaming industry has upgrades and breakthroughs that will benefit any genre in 2020.  

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