Donation From Ousted Comedian Louis C.K. Rejected By Joe Biden Campaign

Joe Biden sent Louis C.K. his money back.

Louis C.K. made a $2,800 donation to the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, but it appears that the campaign is wanting zero association with the ousted comedian.
After Biden scored big on Super Tuesday (Mar 3), becoming the lead Democratic candidate to take on President Donald Trump in November, C.K. sent in his donation the very next day and now, that the campaign has rejected his funds without an official reason, nor comments from either party.

While Biden was just accused last week of sexual assault, the lingering reason for the rejection would likely point to C.K.’s own sexual misconduct allegations by five women from 2017; which quickly derailed the comedian’s career after he fessed up and announced he’d be going on a hiatus.

An official words hast yet to be made be either parties.

But, in more recent times, the C.K. has attempted a comeback within the last year, as he received a standing ovation during one of last summer’s shows.

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