Healthy lifestyle: 7 keys to a longer life

Everyone desires to live a long, healthy life. We all want that youthful look and feel to last as long as possible. If you look at the anti-aging market, you will realize this is true; it has grown into a billion-dollar industry. 

However, to stay healthy for longer, you don’t have to dip into anti-aging drugs. It is advisable to focus on methods that are less costly and more effective. 

In this article, we advise you on seven keys that if you introduce to your lifestyle, you will live longer. 

1. Minimum of Eight Hours of Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives. But, our busy schedules make us think of it as a sign of laziness. If you are sleeping less than six to eight hours in a day, then you are depriving your body of enough sleep.   

If your body gets enough sleep, it preserves life and vitality. You should sleep enough together with the other keys mentioned here to live a healthy lifestyle.

2. Eat Breakfast Regularly

You might be among the people that are so caught up in the hassle and bustle that they forget to take their breakfast often. You could also be intentionally skipping breakfast because you want to lose weight or you are running late.

Eating breakfast is associated with living a longer, more enjoyable life. If you want to lose weight, you should eat more for breakfast and lunch and less for dinner. It has also been established that you are likely to have a heart attack between seven in the morning and noon. These heart attacks are attributed to your platelets being stickier in the morning. It is, therefore, advisable to take breakfast as it reduces the stickiness of your platelets, thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Maintain Proper Weight

If you are overweight, then you are at a higher risk of disease. The American National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases revealed that excess body weight could lead to conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, among others.

To be in control of your body weight, you should monitor your Body Mass Index (BMI) closely. If you have a BMI between 25 and 29.9, you are considered to be overweight. You should improve your nutritional lifestyle and exercise to maintain proper weight.

4. Stay Physically Active

If you want to live a long healthy life, you must stay physically active. You should consider including at least 15 minutes of exercise daily if you want to live longer.

You should consider activities like walking, running, cycling, and yoga in your daily routine. Physical activity boosts your mood, mental alertness, muscle mass, and makes your body stronger.

5. Avoid Supplements

For you to live a long and healthy life, you should consider consuming healthy nutritious foods instead of supplements. Your diet should have vitamins, minerals, selenium, and beta-carotene.

Nutritious foods you should consider including green vegetables, fruits, and grains. Such foods slow down the rate of cognitive decline. You should, therefore, replace synthetic supplements with nutritious, rich foods to live a healthy life.

6. Never Stop Working

If you retire, you may be at a higher risk of getting old. Retiring makes you use your body and mind less. The retirement lifestyle reduces your activity, putting you at risk of severe health problems.

When you retire, you may spend less time with people, and this can lead to depression and a lack of mental activity. Such a scenario will speed up your aging process. Therefore, even if you retire, stay active; never stop working.

7. Go for Routine Checkups

It is also advisable to go for routine checkups. Your body is sensitive, and external and internal factors may affect it. Moreover, some diseases don’t usually show any symptoms. It is, therefore, essential to go for routine checkups.

Routine checkups will help you to be aware of your health conditions hence giving you peace of mind. So, to stay at your best, ensure you go for routine checkups.    

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