Tiger King Star Joe Exotic ‘Killed More Than 100 Tigers’

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic killed more than 100 tigers, would hit tiger cubs if they misbehaved and was afraid of most of his big cats, a zoo employee has claimed.

New details are emerging about Netflix’s ‘Tiger King‘ star Joe Exotic, 57, per the Daily Mail, Exotic has “killed more than 100 tigers,” and would abuse cubs if they misbehaved.

The new allegations arrive by Erik Cowie, 51, head zookeeper at Oklahoma’s GW Exotic Animal Park, who recalls Exotic and another employee putting down eight tigers in one day. He says, “They euthanized them and had a veterinarian sign off on them with excuses like, they were too old, sick, etc.”

Cowie, who says he regrets not speaking out sooner, adds that the animals hated Exotic so much that “several of the big cats would have eaten him alive if given the chance. There was a liger and we used to use Joe as bait in order to get her out of its cage, this big cat would try to attack Joe everyone she saw him.” He later laments, “These animals trusted me and I let some of them down, for that I’ll never forget.”

Currently, Exotic is serving 22 years in prison for hiring a hit-man to kill Carole Baskin, plus more than a dozen wildlife violations, including killing five tigers.

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