Dating is On Wendy Williams’ Mind Once Quarantine is Over

Wendy is ready to mingle!

Once social distancing comes to an end and things go back to normal, Wendy Williams is ready to have a good time with some eligible bachelors.

Wendy talked about a few things she cannot wait to do once our time in quarantine finally comes to an end during Monday’s show from her home. One of the things she said she cannot wait to do is go to the studio where her television show is originally shot. She revealed that she has been there since everyone has been ordered to shelter in place, but of course, things are not the same with everyone gone.

Another thing she cannot wait to do is go on dates.

In fact, she revealed over the weekend she was asked on a date, but with the social distancing rules currently in order she, of course, had to decline.

Wendy said, “I texted him back like ‘no’ I’m happily quarantining, bye! The idea that he had this idea during heavy quarantine makes me not even want to go out with him after quarantine, so he’s checked off the list.”

However, she did reveal that there is a particular interest that she does have at the moment. She said that he gives good gifts, comes with a car and driver, and they also like the same food and music, and he’s also age-appropriate.

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