Family Found Ecuador Woman Alive After Hospital Says That She Died OF COVID-19 and was Cremated

An Ecuadorean woman has been found alive after her family was told that she died from coronavirus and was cremated.

After a hospital mix-up, a Guayaquil, Ecuador woman has been found alive, which included telling the woman’s family that she had died of coronavirus (COVID-19) and was cremated.

The family of 74-year-old Alba Maruri, who was really in a three-week coma in a case of mistaken identity, was informed that she had passed of COVID-19 on March 27. What was assumed to be her body, was cremated, the ashes were sent the family.

However, last week Thursday (Apr 16), Maruri woke from her coma and called her sister, Aura, to come pick her up.

While they presumed she’d been dead for three weeks, the call was shocking, to say the least. Aura stated, “It’s a miracle. For nearly a month, we thought she was dead.” The family’s detailed that their next steps are to figure out whose ashes they have, and to have officials reimburse them for the cost of the cremation.

Currently, Guayaquil is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Ecuador, which has more than 23,000 cases and over 600 reported deaths.

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