U.S. Officially Has More Than 1 Million Coronavirus Cases

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has topped 1 million and the deaths toll has surpassed the total of US troop fatalities during the Vietnam War.

The U.S. has just reached a very grim milestone—as there are now over 1 million coronavirus cases in the country.

The new numbers were released courtesy of a new study from John Hopkins University, which has been tallying the United States coronavirus outbreak since it began over two months ago.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States is now over 1 million, as researchers also say the death toll could rise within the next few weeks. As of April 28th, there are at least 1,004,908 cases of the virus across the country, based on new dated taken from health officials at John Hopkins University.

This news comes just after seven coronavirus models anticipate that a rise in cases will depend on how much “contact reduction” Americans practice, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those models also provide estimates of cases on both the national and state levels.

In a statement, the CDC said this about the latest coronavirus estimates:

“State-level forecasts vary widely, reflecting differences in early epidemic phases, timing of interventions and model-specific assumptions. Models that factor in strong contact reduction suggest deaths will continue to occur, but will slow substantially over the next four weeks. Conversely, models that do not incorporate as strong contact reductions … suggest that total deaths may continue to rise quickly.” The new projection was adjusted because of longer peaks in some states and signs that people are becoming more active again.

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