The key to success during the epidemic of 2020 could be in outsourcing software development

The coronavirus pandemic has unintentionally led to many business opportunities, with software development being one of them.

The Covid-19 outbreak has seen a reduction in business rightly scaring business leaders who are desperate to keep their companies afloat until business operations fully return to normal. As with any crisis, businesses must be creative and manage change to adapt to the changing landscape of business during the times of Covid-19. To withstand this crisis, business leaders are embracing change adopting strategies that will allow them to mitigate the effects of the virus outbreak. One of these ways is outsourcing software development.

Why would outsourcing software develop matter in warding off the effects of Covid-19? The need for custom software development is one of the flexible employment challenges that businesses need to solve to ensure that their team stays on track of the business’s objective during Covid-19 and continue to experience operational success. However, in-house software development can take up more time and limit the nimbleness of the team which in turn limits the ability of the team to mitigate the effects of the corona virus. Outsourcing custom software development services will instead save time, offer easier access to the latest technology and also save cash flows from the huge investment in hiring and training developers.

There are many mistakes that happen when custom software development is done by a team that I not specialized enough alike most in-house development are not. These include but are not limited to:

  • Software development fails to be completed due to lack of specialized expertise
  • Loss of productive hours for the company as a huge chunk of their employees are handling and contributing to the in-house software development process.
  • Quality of software development is impeded by lesser technological expertise.
  • The custom development fails to meet the desired expectations
  • Project delivery fails to scale to a larger audience base
  • Can lead to abandonment of the entire project

During these Covid-19 times when companies are restructuring operations and having some teams working from home, it is imperative that every technology needed for employees to meet their targets and communicate seamlessly as a team, is intact and available. As a result, companies cannot afford to leave custom software development in less capable hands. They need a custom product in a short amount of time and this is only successfully achieved by outsourcing custom software development. Outsourcing custom software development fast is the best bet for businesses who want to use custom software, the best resources and latest technology to implement measures that allow business continuity by ensuring employees to stay connected and continue offering better services and products to customers during these times without endangering the players involved. To do so, here are a few things that smart businesses are keeping in mind when outsourcing software development to ensure continued success during this epidemic:

Technology is an Enabler for Successful Business Operations

With the closure of schools and businesses to minimize social contact that allows for mass spreading of the Covid-19 virus, businesses, schools and institutions have turned to the latest technology to ensure that operations continue as usual but in the virtual space. Take for example Zoom. Holding meetings on Zoom is fast becoming a norm. Other types of technology enabling the advancement of business operations include chatbots, telemedicine, robots and big data that help businesses gather information, and ensure the seamless running of operations in a way that keeps employees focused on keeping the business afloat. Technology can also inspire innovation and more creative ways of doing business that support social distancing.

Outsourcing Software Development Supports Continuity Plans

During the 2020 epidemic, it is prudent for businesses to review their continuity plans. With a large number of employees having to work remotely for some time except those dealing with essential services, then ensuring that operations are not heavily impacted is key. Outsourcing some of the work specially to leverage technology and data is key for better management. Therefore, outsourcing custom software development is allowing businesses to have fast data flow and hence tweak their efforts to take advantage of what favors their mode of business and how they deliver to clients and maintain employees.

The Threat of Cybersecurity Just Shot Up

Covid-19 has disrupted nearly all industries and hence it is easy for businesses to focus on this epidemic while losing sight of other risks which can cripple operations even more. For example, cybersecurity is fast rising as a risk for businesses leveraging on technology and different software to keep operations afloat. While we cannot say with certainty what the next few months will spring up, covering the bases and having a recovery plan is going to determine which businesses return to health and how fast. Therefore, outsourcing software development to get the business prepared will also help address risks such as the threat of cybersecurity where technology and software is involved.

New Strategies Help in Surviving the Crisis

For many companies experiencing the brunt of the epidemic on operations, sales etc., it is imperative that they develop new strategies to help them ride out these times. Cutting costs is one of the easiest ways to go lean. However, companies are choosing to cut costs on departments that will not likely affect employees overly much. One such way is in outsourcing. Instead of risking having employees come in to work for in-house development, outsourcing software development to remote software development teams allows businesses to protect their employees while also gaining great products from teams that are specialized to work remotely in software development. Besides, companies are realizing that sticking to old business models can close them out from access to a different kind of customer base. For example, businesses are changing their models to include offering products-as-a-service for example through leasing, renting, pay-per-use and pau-per-service models. However, changing a business model requires an investment in software development among other resources and therefore, companies that take this opportunity to invest software and in the other resources they require to effect better changes will reap success in these times.

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