Royal Caribbean Crew Members Sue Over COVID-19 Exposure

The lawsuit claims Royal Caribbean failed to follow even the most basic safety precautions after getting COVID-19 notice

Royal Caribbean, similar to Princess Cruise Lines and other being sued, makes the list after its crew members sue over coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure and lack of protection.

Filed by Ukraine crew member Mykola Molchun, the popular cruise line carelessly and continuously failed to protect its staff, despite their knowledge of the fatal disease as stated in a new class-action lawsuit.

The documents state that the cruise line neglected the most basic safety precautions for its crew members and passengers, even after being notified about the virus. Listed in the suit is also the St. Patrick’s Day party that showed “an alarming lack of caution,” as it had over 1,000 staffers in attendance.

Furthermore, the suit says although the company suspended future cruise operations for passengers on March 13, they continued to carry out the party, without taking any safety precautions, including social distancing, and still allowing them to eat from a buffet.

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