CDC’s Recommendations For Reopening The U.S. Amid Viral Pandemic Rejected By Trump Administration

The administration “felt it was too specific and might not be helpful as nationwide guidance.”

The CDC presented the White House with recommendations in an effort to make sure the country reopens safely–after being asked by the task force in place to oversee COVID-19 strategies–but the recommendations were rejected.

The Trump Administration would not implement their 17-page draft recommendation for reopening America, even though they requested it. A senior CDC official confirmed with CNN that on Wednesday night.

 “We are used to dealing with a White House that asks for things and then chaos ensues. A team of people at the CDC spent innumerable hours in response to an ask from Debbie Birx,” said the source.The drafted document included detailed suggestions for six categories–child care programs; schools and day camps; communities of faith; employers with vulnerable workers; restaurants and bars; and mass transit administrators, according to CNN.

Each category had a specific set of notes for reopening in phases.“The 17-page report represents an ask from the White House Task Force to come up with these recommendations. That’s our role. To put together this guidance.”White House officials said that the recommendations were “overly prescriptive.” The Trump Administration also expresses that “guidance for rural Tennessee shouldn’t be the same for urban New York City.”Also, according to reports the administration “felt it was too specific and might not be helpful as nationwide guidance,” and it was sent back to the CDC and asked for revisions but it wasn’t returned.

However, on CNN with Anderson Cooper Wednesday night, Birx, an official on the White House coronavirus task force, stated that CDC recommendations were still being prepared “to really make sure that both the American people, as well as public health officials, understand the guidelines.”Trump has been adamant about the way of life going back to how it was post COVID-19.

“I want to go back to where it was, that’s where we’re going to be,” Trump said. Hopefully the Trump Administration and the CDC can get on one accord.

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