What to Do After an Injury at Work? Plus What Are Work Accidents Lawyers?

Statistics show that around 12,900 people suffer injuries at work every day.

Many of these injuries are relatively minor and will not require any medical attention or time away from the workplace. However, a significant minority are serious and will create a need for ongoing medical care.

These kinds of injuries can get very expensive. If you don’t approach the situation properly, you may have to shoulder a large proportion of this expense yourself.

Read on to learn more about what work accidents lawyers are and what they can do for you following a workplace injury.

What Are Work Accidents Lawyers?

Work accidents lawyers specialize in helping people who have sustained an injury at work and are unsure of their entitlements.

Good work accidents lawyers help their clients through every part of their claim. While negotiations and representation in court form an important part of this, it is also necessary to work with clients on a personal level, addressing their concerns and answering their questions.

Check the reviews of this work accidents lawyer to learn more about what this service entails.

When Are You Entitled to Compensation?

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness through your workplace activities, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. This will reimburse you for medical expenses you incur, as well as lost earnings for time spent out of work.

What Should I Do When I Get Injured?

The first thing to do if you suffer an injury is to report the issue to your employer. Be as detailed as possible and ensure that they record a written report.

A doctor will assess you when you sustain the injury. For this initial inspection, workers’ compensation payments will usually cover any doctor of your choosing. 

However, for ongoing care under a workers’ compensation scheme, only certain doctors will be available to you. These are state-approved, and your employer may direct you to a particular healthcare provider of their choice.

How Might My Employer Challenge My Claim?

In every state except Texas, workers’ compensation insurance is a legal necessity for employers. This means that their ability to pay should rarely be an issue.

However, the hike in insurance premiums after a claim can be significant. Therefore, many employers still try to escape liability. 

The most common way they try to do this is by claiming that your injury did not arise due to your work, but because of some unrelated activity. This is a risk with repetitive strain injuries in particular, as causation may be difficult to prove.

To ensure that your employer can’t do this to you, you’ll need an experienced work accidents lawyer on your side.

Approaching a Workplace Accident the Right Way

Having suffered an injury, you might want to focus all your attention on recovering as quickly as possible. However, if you don’t take the time to consider the legal implications of your situation, it could cost you dearly in the long run.

Work accidents lawyers can help you navigate your claim and mitigate the risk of your employer refusing to pay you.

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