Kevin Durant’s Return Is Still a (BIG) Possibility

Kevin Durant's return may be sooner than we think.

The general manager of the Nets, Sean Marks, recently stated that he’s not ruling out the possible return of Durant just yet, especially if the season will resume in the close future.

Obviously, this is good news for both NBA enthusiasts and for those that enjoy favorable odds on basketball – as the return of this player may impact the betting world a bit. However, some of you may not know exactly why Durant is set to return to NBA – here’s exactly what happened!

An Unfortunate Injury

Those of you that were betting on basketball before the pandemic know very well that Durant was injured while playing for the Golden State Warriors during last year’s NBA finals. This event may have made some of you win or lose your bets!

Moreover, after that injury, he was also suspended – around March 11 – due to the lockdown. The suspension was not a bad thing necessarily, as it gave the player more than enough time to recover.

Back in June 2019, Kevin Durant had a quite rough experience when he ruptured his right Achilles tendon.

The Voice of the Industry

Now with almost a full year of recovery from his injury, it goes without saying that the big voices of the basketball industry have already started to hint at his return.

For example, New Zealand’s Marks said that they could barely refrain from talking about Durant’s special timeline.

He also mentioned that, even though the performance and training teams have done a splendid job on Durant, it is unclear how he’ll return from the lockdown/pandemic – as the latter might affect everybody differently, including basketball games.

A Worthy Player

People are particularly worried about his recovery and return, mainly because he is currently worth more than 150 million dollars for the Nets. He signed a four-year contract with the mentioned team. Why?

Well, the team’s general manager – and not only – hope that Durant will bolster it and help the Nets become a fearsome contender on the Eastern Conference.

Durant’s History

While Durant is worth the patience – in terms of recovery and return – he is also a very valuable player, regardless of the sum displayed on his contract.

For example, Durant is well-known as being an All-Star ten times and as a four-time scoring champ, having played 12 seasons on-court.

On top of that, in 2013-2014, he was also known as the Most Valuable Player of the NBA. This happened during the time he was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In terms of career, Durant is characterized by 7.1 rebounds, 27 points, and 4.1 assists – all in his amazing 849 games.

The Bottom Line

In short, we could see Durant back on the court very soon, especially given that the lockdown restrictions are slowly changed and being made more permissive. For example, it is rumored that the season will start again, but without the lively presence of the fans.

Nevertheless, we’re also prone to seeing changes in the basketball world, regardless of the pandemic’s evolution. Clubs will still buy and sell players and, naturally, get ready for their first match after this period!

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