Tips for Every Freshman While in College to Write Quality Essays

College is one of the most exciting times for every individual.

College is one of the most exciting times for every individual. As a freshman, there are new experiences at every turn, new friendships with every encounter, and fun in plenty. One aspect of college that few students enjoy, though, is the writing of college essays, in fulfillment of various units that comprise course requirements for the various degree programs. There is constant anxiety with every assignment, and uncertainty creeps in; is it possible to finish the assignment on time? Is writing a quality paper possible given the paper instructions? Despite such creeping fears, getting the right help with your assignment is possible. With a little practice, and by following the basics of writing, you can produce and submit a quality paper soon enough. Let’s get started below with some of these tips:

Research Extensively 

You must research extensively to write a quality academic paper. It is only through the process above that you can acquire the knowledge necessary, to prepare a detailed paper based on your topic. As well, the extent of research needed is also directly proportional to the complexity of your paper, and the number of pages required.

Further, research has been made easy with the advent of various technological innovations. Your search for relevant knowledge can start with quick browsing of the search engine. However, it is important to note that though the internet is filled with academic sources, quality research entails a more detailed query to discover scholarly sources and academic journals. To avail such, there are scholarly sources, for example, Google Scholar, which is a student’s best companion. 

Get help from a tutor

College comes with a bigger workload than what’s normally the case with high school level education. Accordingly, it is understandable that you might fail to understand all the concepts the professor teaches in class, at the moment. Wouldn’t a tutor be beneficial in such moments? With the right tutor, you’ll get to have a study buddy to guide you through any difficult class concepts, revision for exams, continuous assessment, and assignment help too. The best tutors are to be found from students taking a similar course to yours.

Furthermore, depending on the degree of help you need, you can opt for a casual tutor that you approach sporadically when you encounter difficulty. Alternatively, you can go for a more structured tutor relationship with specific sessions throughout the learning period. Such arrangements, though, come at a cost.

Ensure you follow the required citation and formatting requirements

A paper is never perfect unless it sticks to the required formatting requirements and has the references properly cited. However, it is not uncommon to see students lose marks due to improper formatting of their assignments. Yet, with only a few guidelines, you can guarantee 5 – 10% of your grade with every subsequent paper, depending on your course instructor. So take the step and learn the major reference formats, while also consulting the preferred style guide used at your organization. While each format has its own stylistic features, there are common occurrences across the board, including a Times New Roman font, size 12, and double-spaced. So, get familiar with these formatting styles, and your college essay will be at least partially done.

Brainstorm with your friends and get organized

Starting your assignment on the fly without organizing your thoughts first is a sure way to come up short, and fast. With a little brainstorming, though, you can avoid all this, as you will have a clear outline for your paper. Furthermore, an effective brainstorming session facilitates the organization of your thoughts in a logical manner. With every research paper, organize your thoughts clearly to ensure that your content is captivating enough to impress your course instructor. Writing down the outline creates a brainstorm session, which is also essential for the process to remain effective. So, get a pen and break everything down, once done, and with the end in sight, you can start working on the paper. 

In conclusion, to guarantee the quality of your work too, ensure you proofread your paper extensively to ensure every sentence is free of errors, and that it is built on the arguments you raise. Beyond your personal proofreading, you can also ask a friend from a different class to help you with the proofreading. Online proofreading tools such as Grammarly can also be useful to ensure your paper is free of unintentional errors. The steps above will provide timely assistance and help you write assignments of the highest quality. With every assignment, be sure to challenge yourself to create a paper that provokes the reader’s thoughts, and is highly detailed to ensure a commendable paper lands on your professor’s desk. 

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