Job Opportunities after Completing AWS Training in Chennai

Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud service providers in the world.

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Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud service providers in the world. The demand for Amazon Web Service certification has increased a lot in recent times. If you are looking out for Job Opportunities after Completing AWS Training in Chennai, then you need to read this article till the end.

Amazon Web Services has a lot of jobs based on the expertise you hold in the domains. Whether you are a system administrator, database admin, application architect, Big data analyst, purchase or sales professional, or a developer, you can build your career with the help of Amazon Web Services training.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services Certification

If you are not sure why you need to choose Amazon Web Services training, then you need to understand the list of benefits offered by the Amazon Web Services. Having an Amazon Web Service certification and training helps you:

  • Validate knowledge and AWS skills
  • Add huge possibilities to get a hike in your current job
  • Makes you more desirable in the job market
  • Increases the hiring chances
  • Opens new job opportunities for freshers
  • Makes you sound more professional

Which Amazon Web Service Training to Get First?

So, now you understood the importance of having an Amazon Web Service certificate? If yes, then you must now understand which Amazon Web Service certification you need to first apply for? So, here is a simple answer for all your queries on certification.

The certification which you need to take up depends on the current job, expertise, and your area of interest. If you choose the Amazon Web Service certification based on the area of expertise you hold, then it might be pretty easy for you to boost your career.

Job Opportunities after Completing AWS Training in Chennai

As mentioned earlier, Amazon Web Services opens the door for high paying jobs, and it helps you to get over the risk of losing your job. If you have taken up the Amazon Web Service training, then you need to have a look at the list of Career opportunities available in Chennai.

AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Training in chennai  is a field that is directly connected to the clients as well as engineers, that helps in providing technical leadership and interface with the stakeholders. The cloud architect ensures that the new technology is adopted by implementing the technical architectures and efforts in any organization. If you have sound knowledge of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services, then you have a great career as an AWS cloud architect.

SysOps Administrator

A SysOps Administrator is responsible for operating, managing, and deploying systems on the AWS platform. So, if you have an expertise in deploying and managing production operations on Amazon Web Services, then you can validate your expertise with the help of SysOps Administrator certification. This increases the chances of getting hired as a SysOps Administrator in many organizations. Also, adding a credential of AWS Certification helps in getting a better salary.

Cloud Developer

Amazon Web Services Cloud Developer certification helps in the development of software solutions and applications for enterprises. So, if you hold expertise in developing software applications for enterprises, taking cloud developer certification from Amazon Web services helps a lot. You can step up the ladder in your career, with the help of Cloud Developer AWS certification.

Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

Do you want to be the one who is a member of an organization who is focussed on increasing adoption of AWS? If you hold expertise in good leadership skills, technical background, then AWS purchase or cloud sales certification is the right fit for you. There are many jobs for the AWS purchase or sales manager in the market.

As a cloud sales & purchase manager, you will drive, shape, and grow the future of advanced technology. A cloud practitioner certification helps you to get engaged with IT architects and software developers working on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Do you hold expertise in network operations and system deployment? Then the AWS DevOps certification helps you to get a good job as a Cloud DevOps Engineer. Nowadays, every organization is looking for a Cloud DevOps Engineer to deploy DevOps in their culture. If you have good networking skills and validate your Cloud AWS DevOps Professional certification, then you hold higher chances of getting selected in an interview.

Cloud DevOps Engineer plays multiple roles and handles the code releases by the company. A Cloud DevOps Engineer works with software developers, technical production team, and system operators as well.

Key Account Manager, Cloud

A Key Account Manager is responsible for sales management of cloud services and products like server and storage. The Key Account Manager is also responsible for maintaining the accounts of customers in order to make purchase decisions.

Key Account Manager is responsible for adopting the cloud technology, revenue, penetration in the market, and also manage the diversified customer base.

So, if you have an expertise in a sales management or purchase roles with the AWS cloud practitioner certification, then Key Account Manager is the right opportunity for you.

Cloud Software Engineer

If you are good at programming like Ruby, Javascript, C++, and Python, then there is a great opportunity for you to grow in your career, with the help of AWS developer certification. As a Cloud Software Engineer, you are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing software on the AWS platform. In the initial level, you can opt for the associate level AWS developer certification and slowly choose the professional certification for more growth in your career.


Amazon is growing continuously with its services, and a number of new certifications are being introduced into the market. If you clear the above-mentioned certifications, you clearly have a good number of job opportunities after completing AWS training in Chennai. AWS certification does not only help in the hike of your salary but also get recognition in your field.